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  • 12-13-13

    Destination Resorts: Vacation Clouds Are Clearing

    Three years into the recovery of the destination resort sector, the wayside remains littered with casualties from the previous boom-and-bust cycle. The primary culprit: crushing debt.

  • October

  • 10-10-13

    Checking In: Chicago’s Hotel Resurgence

    Chicago is experiencing a surge of hotel development—and seeing the repurposing of classic historic structures in the process.

  • June

  • 06-25-13

    Reinventing Hilton Head for a New Generation

    The 21st-century challenge facing Hilton Head, a resort town steeped in 20th-century tradition: how to reach beyond the affluent retirees drawn to its famed golf resorts to a broader market that includes baby boomers and members of generations X and Y who enjoy its pristine beaches, but who have many other recreational and cultural interests as well.

  • 06-25-13

    Charles Fraser’s Legacy to ULI

    With an inclination for hiring the young and entrusting them with much responsibility, Charles Fraser employed many budding real estate professionals who eventually became accomplished leaders in both the industry and ULI, including four who became ULI chairmen.

  • 06-10-13

    Mammoth Lakes: Back from the Brink

    In July of 2012, the community of Mammoth Lakes in California filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. The third most-visited ski area in the United States, the community is fighting its way back from the brink.

  • May

  • 05-31-13

    Resort Development’s Comeback

    Far from the gloomy tone of last year’s discussion on the same topic, lifestyle resort developers at ULI’s 2013 Spring Meeting in San Diego were saying: “Viva Mexico!” and touting the success of developments from Virginia to Montana to Hawaii.

  • October

  • 10-25-12

    A 1987 ULI Panel Helped Lay the Foundation for the Colorado Convention Center

    The Colorado Convention Center is one of the country’s busiest meeting venues.
    The work of a ULI Advisory Services panel played a significant role in Denver’s decision to build the convention center. But it had a humble and fractious start.

  • 10-19-12

    Opportunities and Risk Return to Asian Markets

    Risk, other than literally, is not a four-letter word when investing in Asia real estate. Risk is a fact-of-life that needs to be constantly assessed on the ground, a trio of experts said at a session on Asia real estate capital markets.

  • 10-19-12

    Urban Opportunities Arise Among Others for High-End Resorts

    Resort developers and operators took a hit during the recession, but are making a cautious comeback, according to a panel at ULI’s Fall Meeting.

  • 10-10-12

    Vail After the Low-Snow Winter

    How do you guide the resort and real estate businesses through an erratic economy—and the fickle whims of Mother Nature?