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  • 12-09-19

    Three Private-Sector Approaches to Preserving Affordable Housing in the Carolinas

    At ULI South Carolina’s Capital Markets Conference, panelists outlined strategies that are leveraging the strengths of the private sector to create and preserve affordable housing in areas experiencing rapid growth.

  • 12-09-19

    Food Security Starts with Affordable Housing for Farmworkers

    Affordable housing challenges are not limited to urban centers or technology hubs. Smaller towns often struggle to house their workforces and—perhaps less noticeably, but no less acutely—so do agricultural operations. Agriculture employs 11 percent of the U.S. workforce, while also contributing to manufacturing, wholesaling, and retailing. The sector is also suffering from a dire labor shortage that has the potential to disrupt the entire food chain.

  • 12-03-19

    Leveraging Data and Automation at One of the World’s Largest Casinos

    Ian Wilson, senior vice president of nongaming operations and chief operating officer, Marina Bay Sands, addressed the 2019 ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium, explaining how the resort-casino operator uses data in its operations.

  • 12-02-19

    Sifting Through the Fads and the Must-Haves

    Which emerging real estate technologies will become the must-haves, and which will be the near misses? You can take your chances on a $100 doorbell, but if you are investing millions in a property or trying to run a profitable business, you cannot afford to waste resources on fads. Those two questions—what are the unintended consequences, and which technologies have staying power—are themes running throughout this special issue of Urban Land.

  • 12-02-19

    Ongoing Demand for Apartments, Strong Job Growth Keeping Philadelphia Optimistic for 2020

    Positive news for Greater Philadelphia going into 2020 includes job growth, a growing population of young people, strong demand for apartments, and a booming, new biotechnology business, said panelists at a ULI Philadelphia event.

  • 12-02-19

    ULX: Smart Buildings

    Ten buildings make use of intelligent technologies to enhance the tenant experience, save energy and other resources, and gather data to help with building operations.

  • November

  • 11-27-19

    Opportunities and Advantages: Looking Back on a Real Estate Career with Bob Lowe

    In 2018, Los Angeles-based real estate firm LOWE, sold its hotel operating subsidiary to Hyatt Hotels for $480 million. That kind of exit was not part of some original projection, said Robert “Bob” S. Lowe Sr., the company’s founder and a ULI Foundation Governor, speaking at a ULI event in South Carolina
    in mid-November.

  • 11-25-19

    Tomorrow’s Transport: Pie in the Sky?

    The talk about futuristic transportation has been exciting, but reality may be more expensive—and farther off—than imagined.

  • 11-20-19

    Working to Keep Charlotte Affordable as the Region Continues Pattern of Rapid Growth

    Panelists at a recent ULI Charlotte event acknowledged that the city has much to be thankful for as it heads into 2020, but they also noted the need to protect the region’s quality of life and relative affordability, which have been key to attracting economic development and outside investment.

  • 11-20-19

    As Economists Forecast for 2020, Some Already Thinking Past the Next Recession

    Sam Chandan, associate dean of New York University’s Schack Institute of Real Estate and host of the Real Estate Hour on SiriusXM Radio presented his economic forecast for 2020 at a ULI New York event in November.