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  • 10-13-20

    Tech Campuses Pursue the Live/Work/Play Urban Planning Trend

    Culture, amenities, and locale are vitally important in drawing in today’s modern workforce, but COVID-19 is throwing a wrench into project planning. ULI Virtual Fall Meeting panelists discussed their projects, the idea of tech campuses, urban planning, and placemaking, comparing approaches and offering lessons learned from their projects.

  • 10-13-20

    Creative City Policies Could Help Retail Survive COVID-19, San Francisco Experts Say

    The COVID-19 lockdown imposed by San Francisco in late February devastated the city’s small, independent businesses, and especially its restaurant scene. But creative city policies could help nimble retailers survive, panelists said at the ULI Virtual Fall Meeting session titled “Vibrant Retail Streets in the Age of E-tail and COVID-19: Is It Time for ‘Retail First’ City Policies?”

  • 10-13-20

    Heitman Executives Explain How they Evaluate Climate Risk at Both Asset and Community Levels

    Two Heitman executives explained how their firm applies climate risk analysis—at both the asset level and the community level—when evaluating investments. They spoke on a Virtual Fall Meeting panel announcing a new research report, Climate Risk and Real Estate: Emerging Practices for Market Assessment, recently issued by ULI and Heitman.

  • 10-12-20

    Industry Outlook for Resilience

    ULI MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT: How can the real estate development industry more successfully prepare for, navigate, and adapt to adverse events? Members of several of ULI’s product councils discuss resilience strategies, the impact of COVID-19, the role of state and local governments in working with the private sector to promote resilience, and other related trends.

  • 10-12-20

    Expanding Opportunities for Multicultural Professionals in Commercial Real Estate

    Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program), which has been connecting multicultural professionals to the commercial real estate industry for 22 years, is launching its first 100 percent virtual program in collaboration with the Urban Land Institute—the ULI/REAP Fall Academy 2020.

  • 10-12-20

    Interview: Marnix Galle, Chairman of ULI Europe

    At a defining moment, the executive chairman of Belgian developer Immobel addresses how COVID-19 may change society and real estate.

  • 10-12-20

    Confronting COVID-19: Addressing Housing Affordability and Homelessness in Southern California

    A recent ULI Los Angeles virtual event titled “Housing Now: Shelter, Zoning, and Beyond,” brought together land use experts from the private and public sectors to discuss the housing affordability issue in Southern California, which parallels that in many large cities in the United States.

  • 10-12-20

    2020: A Tutorial in Resilience

    The events of 2020 so far have been turning us all into masters of resilience. The Fall issue of Urban Land is available for members to access on Knowledge Finder.

  • 10-07-20

    Three U.S. “Highway Cap” Projects Reckoning with Urban Inequity

    Beginning in the 1950s, the Interstate Highway System began to span the continent, connecting cities across the United States and driving suburban development. But in many cities, these highway projects also physically divided communities and paved over neighborhoods. A ULI webinar hosted by the Curtis Infrastructure Initiative in September gave an update on the status of such projects in three cities—Atlanta, Austin, and St. Paul.

  • 10-05-20

    How “Third Places” Affect America’s Health and Well-Being

    Christina Contreras, the ULI/Martin Bucksbaum Senior Visiting Fellow, discusses how she and ULI staff are researching how privately owned and managed “third places” can better contribute to individual and community health and well-being.