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  • 04-30-15

    Around the World with Emerging Trends

    Each year, the release of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® represents a singular event for ULI as a global thought leader on trends in the real estate industry. This year, interest in the report has been stronger than ever, as the industry continues on a course of recovery.

  • 04-30-15

    Scaling up Sustainability: A Q&A with Sarene Marshall

    ULI’s Center for Sustainability executive director discusses how the Center can provide thought leadership on the critical nexus of real estate, sustainability, and climate change.

  • 04-30-15

    ULI Mainland China’s Winter Meeting Signals Deeper Engagement

    ULI Mainland China’s 2014 Winter Meeting was the culmination of ULI’s deeper engagement with the real estate sector and planning officials within Mainland China.

  • 04-30-15

    Glasgow Harnesses the Power of Digital

    The city’s efforts to adapt to digital technologies and their revolutionary impact on consumer behavior and real estate business practices are highlighted in a new report from ULI U.K.

  • 04-29-15

    Cuba in a Time of Transition: A ULI Foundation Governor’s Perspective

    ULI Foundation Governor Sandy Apgar writes about his experience traveling to Havana, Cuba, with fellow Governors where they observed a nation on the brink of change and a people full of entrepreneurial spirit.