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  • 03-01-10


    The problem of city making today does not so much concern making new ones as it does transforming those that already exist-especially suburbs-and edge-city developments. What can the United States learn from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his goal to remake Paris?

  • 03-01-10

    A New Era of Innovation: Boston Tests New Strategies to Take City Into the Future

    The visual evidence of Boston’s approach to planning and development, from preserving its historic character to planning for the future, showcases the city’s best assets. One of the nation’s greenest cities, Boston is a biotech hub and has one of the most improved public education systems in the country.

  • 03-01-10

    Finding Ways to Make Housing Projects

    A focus on affordable living considers both housing costs and commuting costs, an element the federal government now says it is serious about using as a benchmark.

  • 03-01-10

    A Glimpse into the Postcrash Environment

    The future looks a lot more female for residential developments that correlate with income and educational attainment.

  • 03-01-10

    Boston: Growth Game

    Well positioned for near-term recovery, Boston is starting to address impediments to development and the city’s high cost of living in order to facilitate longer-term growth.

  • January

  • 01-01-10

    Renewable Neighborhoods

    As the concept of sustainable design spreads, and tools like the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system expand in acceptance and application, a movement is taking shape that is driving sustainable design toward a more holistic and systemic approach: ecodistricts—neighborhoods that generate all their energy from on-site renewables.

  • 01-01-10

    Energy Upgrade Incentives in Cities

    Sustainable energy financing districts offer commercial building owners and homeowners low-interest loans for energy-efficiency projects—a creative way for owners to finance solar, wind, or geothermal energy upgrades to their properties and for cities or counties Energy to meet their mandated need to reduce greenhouse gases and be energy independent.