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  • 12-09-22

    Making Energy Efficiency and Electrification Work for Manufactured Homes

    According to the U.S. Census, some 20 million Americans live in manufactured homes. In December,  manufactured homes industry group Next Step hosted a webinar discussing how this segment of the housing market can help with reduced carbon emissions while creating more affordable and healthier homes.

  • 12-09-22

    Solution File: Toronto’s District Energy

    Toronto’s deep-lake water cooling system stands as an example of the “third wave” of urban energy.

  • 12-05-22

    Creating Space for More “Missing Middle” Housing in the Washington, D.C., Suburbs

    With an increasing shortage of housing across the United States driving up home prices and rents, communities and developers need to adopt a broader strategy.  An important part of that approach will be infill development, adaptive use, and changes in zoning regulations to encourage the development of so-called “missing middle” buildings with multiple units that younger couples and families can afford to purchase, according to speakers at a recent housing conference.

  • 12-02-22

    ULI Health Leaders Network: Creating Champions for Health and Celebrating Five Years of Impact

    On the fifth anniversary of the ULI Health Leaders Network, the Institute is celebrating the program’s first five years of collaboration and impact. As a key contributor to health and social equity outcomes, the real estate industry has both a responsibility and an opportunity to design, invest in, and create communities where everyone can achieve holistic health and well-being. ULI programs for learning and leadership development, like the Health Leaders Network, embody the organization’s mission to achieve transformative impact in communities worldwide.

  • 12-02-22

    Can the Fed Manage a Soft Landing? Economists Weigh In on Looming U.S. Recession in 2023

    Although opinions vary on whether the U.S. Federal Reserve Board can successfully manage a “soft landing,” many in the commercial real estate industry are bracing for a U.S. recession in 2023.

  • 12-01-22

    How to Make Office-to-Residential Conversions Work

    Turning obsolete office buildings into apartments can be complicated and tricky—but daring developers and ingenious architects are showing a way to help solve housing shortages.

  • November

  • 11-28-22

    Real Estate Market in Asia Embraces Hope Amidst Lackluster Sentiments, says ULI and PwC Report

    The 17th edition of the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Asia Pacific, the regional real estate forecast jointly published by ULI and PwC, highlights a downtick in investor sentiment due to concerns over the rising cost of debt, higher inflation, and a looming global recession. A dip in regional transaction volumes is apparent, with the third-quarter deal count in the Asia Pacific falling 38 percent year-on-year to US$32.6 billion, recording the lowest third-quarter volumes for a decade in the region.

  • 11-28-22

    UL Interview: New York City CRE Owner Leslie Himmel on Finding “Brave Money” in a Down Cycle

    When Urban Land last spoke to New York City landlord Leslie Himmel of Himmel + Meringoff Properties in March, vacancy within the nation’s largest office market was hovering just below 10 percent. While that still registers below the market’s peak of 11.7 percent in 2010, according to Moody’s, that rate has continued to drift upwards since March. Urban Land recently sat down with Himmel for a lively discussion about doing business in a recessionary market amid rising interest rates, and her ongoing search for what she calls “brave money.”

  • 11-23-22

    How CRE Can Prepare to Meet New York City’s Local Law 97

    Moody’s Analytics CRE analyzed the potential financial impact of New York City’s Climate Mobilization Act The resulting research paper draws on New York City data on the types of fines likely to be levied, as well as Moody’s own net operating income data from commercial mortgage–backed securities properties, to estimate fines for property owners who take no mitigating measures to reduce energy usage.

  • 11-23-22

    Investing in Livable Communities: ULI Advises on the Future of Charlotte’s LYNX Silver Line

    The Charlotte Area Transit System sought a ULI Advisory Services panel to advise on how plans for a Silver Line light rail in the next stage of transit development could help the city thrive and continue to grow sustainably.