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  • 10-26-10

    Expo 2010: Theme Pavilions

    Organizers of Expo 2010 have put together a set of five pavilions and a best practices area based on the “Better City Better Life” theme. The organizers have clearly sought to examine the “Better City” theme in a straightforward and easily comprehended manner. Read about how the Urbanian Pavilion, Pavilion of City Being, Pavilion of Urban Planet and others portray their messages.

  • 10-25-10

    The Power of a Park: Urban Open Spaces as Value Generators

    Vibrant parks can serve as a catalyst for economic regeneration of urban areas. Amanda Burden, a commissioner with the Department of City Planning in New York City and previous recipient of ULI’s J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development, moderated a session with leading thinkers in park development across the country. Read about the successful efforts in New York, Detroit and Houston and how these parks have spurred development.

  • 10-25-10

    Monday’s Numbers: October 25, 2010

    The Commercial Mortgage Alert Trepp weekly survey of 15 active portfolio lenders widened between October 8th and October 15th. During the period, 10-year Treasury bond yields remained flat, with average all-in cost equal to equal to 4.86 percent.

  • 10-22-10

    Entrepreneurial Infill Development Strategies

    Most cities and jurisdictions are not sustained by large catalytic redevelopments. On the contrary, they are typically built “block by block, or even lock by lock,” by small to medium-sized development businesses accomplishing significant infill developments that contribute to the urban environment. Read about the examples of successful infill projects presented by the panelists at the ULI 2010 Fall Meeting session entitled, “Entrepreneurial Development Strategies for Targeted Infill.”

  • 10-21-10

    Resorts 2.0: The New Normal

    How are resort operators and developers rethinking the world of leisure? Who will be buying second homes in the coming years? What impacts will changing consumer behaviors, demographic, new technologies, and a recovering economy have on future resort projects? When moderator Toni Alexander, president and creative director of Newport Beach, California–based InterCommunications, Inc., asked five industry experts to respond to these questions at a session, the result was a lively and insightful discussion.

  • 10-21-10

    Game Changers: Projects that Transform the Urban Fabric

    Leaders who worked on three transformative urban projects showed why the projects had distinguished themselves as ULI award winners at the “Game Changers” session at ULI’s 2010 Fall Meeting. Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore introduced The Southern Ridges; Downtown Fort Worth, Texas and its Sundance Square; and, Columbia Heights, a historic neighborhood in northwest Washington, D.C., and its commercial center are three case studies that offer what the public sector can do, even in the current economic climate.

  • 10-21-10

    The Impact of Energy on the Future of Real Estate

    One panelist addressed those in attendance at the session entitled, “The Impact of Energy on the Future of real Estate” at ULI’s 2010 Fall Meeting by saying the “market for energy efficiency will mature significantly over the next 5 years,” but that several key barriers to achieving scale in the marketplace from a finance perspective still need to be overcome. Read what the panelists felt are the most pressing issues at hand.

  • 10-21-10

    Green Retrofit Financial Strategies

    The moderator of the session entitled, “Green Retrofit Financial Strategies,” concluded this session by asking each of the panelists to cite primary issues or opportunities most pressing to the retrofit market. The theme unanimously agreed upon by the panel as imperative for the full-scale arrival of the green retrofit market is the return of time series performance data for large retrofitted commercial projects. Read what else the panelists offered in response.

  • 10-20-10

    An Urban Design Proposal for the Sustainable Revitalization of Havana

    Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean with a current population of 11,224,321. Historically, its strategic location near the Gulf of Mexico and the Strait of Florida made it an important trading route. Its tropical climate and natural beauty make it a desired tourist destination. Unfortunately, the political climate in Cuba thwarts its potential to be an international city. Read what a group of international architects and planners propose for the revitalization of Old Havana.

  • 10-20-10

    Global Power City Index-2010

    The Global Power City Index (GPCI), issued annually by the Institute for Urban Strategies at the Mori Memorial Foundation in Tokyo, aims to serve as a tool that identifies elements city leaders can use to establish strategies and create policies to help a city achieve its full potential. Read about how and why the cities are ranked as they are and review a complete list of the rankings.