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  • 11-11-10

    Lessons from California for a New National Bank for Infrastructure

    At a Labor Day celebration this summer in Milwaukee, President Obama announced plans to create a national infrastructure bank—one of the first times he has publicly supported the strategy as president. When lawmakers take up the issue, they will need models from the United States and abroad. What lessons can be learned from the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank, or I-Bank?

  • 11-11-10

    Top 10 Metros for Job Growth & Declining Unemployment

    Comparing September to a year earlier, unemployment rates dropped in more than half (27) of the 49 major metropolitan areas according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment is one of the key drivers of the economy and the housing market, so positive employment trends potentially hold out hope for future residential and commercial real estate activity. Read where the best job growth and unemployment improvement are.

  • 11-11-10

    Triple-Net Leases: In Demand by Investors, an Opportunity for Developers

    A freestanding Smart & Final warehouse grocery store in Modesto, California, was sold to a private investor for $1.9 million—and at an 8.56 percent cap rate. A nearly 9 percent cap rate in today’s market? It was a triple-net-lease property in a tertiary market. Philip D. Voorhees, senior vice president in the Newport Beach, California, office of CB Richard Ellis Inc. and an expert on triple-net leases offers advice for developers.

  • 11-10-10

    Planned Communities: What Lies Ahead?

    Conditions today and for the next few years are not favorable for any kind of development, much less the large-scale, greenfield development that has characterized master-planned communities for the past five decades. Read about 12 new approaches to such development worth considering as a response to the changing marketplace.

  • 11-10-10

    Looking for a Few New Ideas for Employment Growth

    On Friday, President Obama called for “any idea, any proposal, any way we can get the economy growing faster so that people who need work can find it faster.” There is a tried and true idea that has always been used in past recoveries; activate the building of the built environment…but with a major twist.

  • 11-09-10

    ULI Real Estate Business Barometer — November 2010

    Looking beyond the two elephants in this month’s Barometer that just won’t budge—the high unemployment rate and the weak housing market—there are more than the usual number of positive signs in other sectors. Still, certain indicators continue to decline and even some of the positive gains remain weak when compared to historical trends. Read a summary of more than 60 key indicators of the economy, real estate capital markets, housing, and commercial/multifamily investment property.

  • 11-09-10

    Notes from the October 20, 2010 issue of “The Punch Line…”, published by Abraham Gulkowitz

    Amid continued disappointments on the job recovery’s progress, momentum has been building toward a Q4 Fed easing. While many commodity prices have been running away as if global recovery were robust, and the bid for risk assets overall quite intense, there is little evidence on the ground of a recovery except for the announcement that the recession was officially over. Read more snapshots of the markets.

  • 11-08-10

    Ackman-Ziff’s Fourth Quarter Equity Survey

    See what investor appetites and sentiments, investor total return targets, investor underwriting approaches, and availability of equity capital are today.

  • 11-08-10

    Monday’s Numbers: November 8, 2010

    The Commercial Mortgage Alert Trepp weekly survey of 15 active portfolio lenders was mixed with some widening and some narrowing between October 22nd and October 29th. During the period, 10-year Treasury bond yields came in 5 basis points, with average all-in cost equal to 4.83 percent.

  • 11-05-10

    Commercial Property Prices: What Trajectory?

    What are the latest trends in commercial property values and prices in the U.S, and what is the trajectory for values/prices going forward? A review of four U.S. property price/value indices reveals that investment grade commercial property values and prices were either down 3.3 percent, flat, up 1.61 percent, or up 5.48 percent in the most recent reporting periods. What is the prevailing trend?