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  • 06-24-15

    Poland Rising: ULI Poland Debuts Competitive Cities Conference

    In May, ULI Poland, a newly-formed national council, debuted its Competitive Cities Conference.

  • 06-24-15

    Rose Center Fellows Hail From Thriving Cities and Balance Competing Demands

    The 2015 ULI Rose Center Fellows all come from thriving cities that must balance competing demands and priorities.

  • 06-01-15

    “Maker Movement” Repurposes Aging Commercial Assets

    Small-scale manufacturers, members of the so-called “maker movement,” are taking over and re-purposing aging commercial properties, injecting new energy and life into urban industrial neighborhoods.

  • May

  • 05-29-15

    Making the Case for Passivhaus on Both Sides of the Atlantic

    ULI members heard perspectives on the Passivhaus design standards from property professionals in the UK and the US.

  • 05-29-15

    ULI Philippines Brings Health and Resilience to Bonifacio Global City

    ULI Philippines recently kicked of its Resilient and Healthy Bonifacio Global City initiative, which intends to highlight ways this rapidly-growing commercial district in Manila can be more resilient after climate impacts and prioritize the health and well-being of its workforce.

  • April

  • 04-30-15

    Strategies for Health Across Product Types

    Are you a developer of a master-planned community responding to market demand for walkable and bike-friendly neighborhoods? An architect whose portfolio includes university campuses or mixed-use retail development with millennials in mind? A property manager tasked with ensuring tenant satisfaction and long-term leases? If so, then ULI’s new Building Healthy Places Toolkit has a wealth of ideas for you.

  • 04-30-15

    ULI Chicago Hails New Status for Pullman District

    The Pullman Historic District in Chicago has been declared a national monument by President Obama, who returned to his hometown on February 19 to deliver the announcement. ULI Chicago members as well as state and local officials hailed the designation as a turning point for the site, home to the long-shuttered Pullman Palace Car Company.

  • 04-30-15

    Around the World with Emerging Trends

    Each year, the release of Emerging Trends in Real Estate® represents a singular event for ULI as a global thought leader on trends in the real estate industry. This year, interest in the report has been stronger than ever, as the industry continues on a course of recovery.

  • 04-30-15

    Scaling up Sustainability: A Q&A with Sarene Marshall

    ULI’s Center for Sustainability executive director discusses how the Center can provide thought leadership on the critical nexus of real estate, sustainability, and climate change.

  • 04-30-15

    ULI Mainland China’s Winter Meeting Signals Deeper Engagement

    ULI Mainland China’s 2014 Winter Meeting was the culmination of ULI’s deeper engagement with the real estate sector and planning officials within Mainland China.