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  • 09-23-15

    UrbanPlan Launches in the United Kingdom

    UrbanPlan is set to launch in fifteen schools in major cities in the United Kingdom in November. ULI members in the U.K. are eager to introduce young people to careers in the property sector and engage in discussions about how cities are built.

  • 09-23-15

    New to the Fall Meeting? Tips for First-Time Attendees

    ULI’s annual Fall Meeting is an exciting opportunity to learn best practices and expand your professional network. For first-time attendees, it can also be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. Read advice on how to navigate ULI’s signature event of the year from longtime members.

  • 09-23-15

    Bay Area Real Estate Veteran Libby Seifel Brings a Passion for Inclusion and Diversity to the 2015 Fall Meeting

    Elizabeth “Libby” Seifel was tapped to be the program committee cochair for the ULI 2015 Fall Meeting. She brings her extensive knowledge of Bay Area real estate, contacts within the industry, and passion for creating an inclusive program that reflects the diversity within ULI and within the communities where members work.

  • 09-23-15

    Singapore’s URA Turns Marina Bay into an Urban Park and Neighborhood—and a Freshwater Resource

    Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority has transformed Marina Bay into mixed-use urban neighborhood. public open space, and source of drinking water for the country’s 5.4 million residents.

  • 09-23-15

    ULI Toronto Shapes a New Vision for Weston Village

    ULI Toronto’s very first Technical Assistance Panel played a major role in crafting a new vision for Weston Village, a Toronto neighborhood that has been seeking greater private investment. A new Metrolinx station and expanded high-speed rail is just one factor that is turning Weston’s fortunes around for the better.

  • 09-23-15

    Reston Founder and Visionary Developer Robert E. Simon Jr. Has Passed

    Robert E. Simon Jr., real estate icon and founding developer of the pioneering planned community of Reston, Virginia, passed away on September 21 at his home in Reston. He was 101.

  • August

  • 08-26-15

    Tools for Resiliency Planning in an Age of Extreme Weather

    ULI members who are experts in resiliency planning have developed three tools to help land use professionals plan and build more resilient communities particular as the risks of extreme weather increase.

  • 08-26-15

    ULI Germany Urban Leaders Say European Midsized Cities Are Poised to Boom

    ULI Germany held its annual Urban Leader Summit in July in Frankfurt. One of the main topics discussed was the strength of midsized cities like Wolsburg, Lyon, and Birmingham in terms of investment and development opportunities. These cities are among those praised for their good schools and high quality of life.

  • 08-26-15

    Ten Years after Katrina, ULI Louisiana Members Reflect on Progress in New Orleans

    Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is enjoying a new-found prosperity, fueled by upwardly-mobile professionals who moved to the city to be part of the storm’s recovery efforts. Still, the recovery is unevenly felt among the city’s various demographic groups and distinct neighborhoods. Some are thriving, while others are rebuilding slowly or languishing altogether.

  • 08-26-15

    What to Expect at the 2015 ULI Fall Meeting

    An expanded speaker series, a social media photo competition, and the ULI Developer Showcase are just some of the new content and experiences members can expect at the 2015 ULI Fall Meeting in October at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.