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  • 09-09-19

    The Wharf in D.C. Makes a Splash

    Washington reconnects with a long-lost love: its waterfront.

  • 09-03-19

    District of Cool: Developments Transforming the Nation’s Capital

    Over the past two decades, Washington, D.C., has undergone rapid revitalization, attracting more than 120,000 new residents and billions of dollars in private and public investment.

  • August

  • 08-26-19

    Making a Place for Amazon

    Developer JBG Smith is reinventing Northern Virginia’s Crystal City, a midcentury car-centric neighborhood, as the core of National Landing. It is a placemaking effort that will make Amazon’s new headquarters seem right at home.

  • 08-19-19

    Development Trends in U.S. Coastal Cities

    How developers are responding to rising costs—and risks—as waterfront properties remain as desirable as ever.

  • 08-19-19

    Developers Reduce Parking via Car Sharing

    Incentivized by city parking policies, private developers provide fewer parking spaces or increase density in new projects.

  • 08-05-19

    Going beyond Hospitality

    A new generation of innovators in commercial real estate is taking inspiration from—and even going beyond—the hospitality industry’s focus on customer service and satisfaction to invent new ways to make residential and office tenants happier.

  • July

  • 07-22-19

    Improving Entitlement Processes, Working for Broader Acceptance Are Keys to More Housing in D.C. Region

    According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, the population of Washington, D.C., topped 700,000 residents last year, the first time since 1975. But the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments estimates a shortfall of more than 200,000 housing units by 2025 to meet the projected job growth and transportation system performance in the urban core of the D.C. region. A ULI Washington Impact Task Force report addressed two main barriers to opportunities for supply growth and attainability: navigating the entitlement and approval processes, as well as gaining community acceptance through engagement and participation.

  • 07-17-19

    Bringing More Affordable Housing and Density to D.C.’s Affluent Neighborhoods

    Though Washington, D.C., has seen significant growth in multifamily development in the past decade, neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes could also benefit from increased density. In addition, the District itself could benefit from the creation of more affordable housing close to transit and employers. That is one reason why ULI convened a nationwide team of experts to devise strategies for bringing affordable housing to one of the Washington’s toniest planning districts.

  • 07-08-19

    Bringing the Amenities and Ease of Use of High-End Hotels to Other Industries

    Companies are increasingly borrowing practices from the hospitality industry in order to attract and retain tenants and residents of all sorts. To address the topic, ULI New York convened a panel titled “The Hotelification of Real Estate,” held in June in Manhattan, featuring a range of experts with specialties spanning commercial, residential, and mixed-use development.

  • 07-01-19

    Jeonju Hanok Village: South Korea’s Heritage Showcase

    Public and private investment reclaimed the area’s cultural heritage. Increased tourism now challenges its authenticity.