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  • 07-17-19

    Bringing More Affordable Housing and Density to D.C.’s Affluent Neighborhoods

    Though Washington, D.C., has seen significant growth in multifamily development in the past decade, neighborhoods zoned for single-family homes could also benefit from increased density. In addition, the District itself could benefit from the creation of more affordable housing close to transit and employers. That is one reason why ULI convened a nationwide team of experts to devise strategies for bringing affordable housing to one of the Washington’s toniest planning districts.

  • 07-16-19

    Enhancing the Hotel Guest Experience through Sustainability

    Wise choices in fixtures, finishes, and functions may draw guests’ attention.

  • 07-15-19

    Corridor Concepts Report Recommends Zoning Changes to Prepare for Expected Growth for Central Ohio

    The population of Columbus, Ohio, is growing rapidly, now surpassing that of San Francisco, according to U.S. Census Bureau data from 2018. Central Ohio is on a path to become a region of 3 million people by 2050. In light of the expected growth, local leaders, including the chairman of ULI Columbus Yaromir Steiner, commissioned the Corridor Concepts Report to better understand how to promote thoughtful development.

  • 07-15-19

    How Mobility Ties into the Future of Urban Retail, Office, and Residential

    At the 2019 ULI Florida Summit, futurist Greg Lindsay, a futurist and senior fellow with the NewCities nonprofit organization, detailed change agents of future development including the electric scooter mania, shops without checkouts, and “urban cabins.” Lindsay described broadly how the disruption of retail, office, residential, and transportation will continue around the globe—and, in some cases, increase.

  • 07-15-19

    Product Council Outlook on Travel Trends

    How are tourism trends shaking up the real estate industry?

  • 07-12-19

    2019 Summer Issue of Urban Land Is Available Now

    The cover package for the 2019 Summer issue is titled “Hospitality: New services make a difference across property types.” Other topics include “Development: Esports Arenas,” “Zoning: Benefits of Car Sharing,” and “Hotels & Resorts: Buying into Sustainability.

  • 07-11-19

    Leveraging Higher Education and Philanthropy to Demonstrate Smarter Building Practices in Atlanta

    Georgia Tech’s Eco-Commons project demonstrates cutting-edge sustainable building concepts in partnership with the Kendeda Foundation. Members of ULI Atlanta were recently included in a hard-hat tour of the site, which is under construction.

  • 07-11-19

    In Memory of James J. Curtis III

    Former ULI Foundation Chairman and longtime ULI leader James J. Curtis III, managing partner at Bristol Group Inc., a San Francisco–based real estate investment and development firm, passed away June 30 after a sustained illness. Known for being intensely passionate about his interests—including ULI—Curtis is remembered by his ULI friends and fellow members as an individual of integrity, high intellect, and compassion, and who was firmly committed to the Institute’s mission.

  • 07-11-19

    Sensor-Driven “Internet of Things” Is Crucial to Sustainability and Building Management

    A technology expert speaking at ULI Europe’s Real Estate Forum in Copenhagen in June described the evolving best practices for using sensors to enhance building management and tenant satisfaction.

  • 07-08-19

    ULX: Tall and Taller in the Asia Pacific Region

    Ten buildings ranging from 18 to 64 storeys model innovative ways to reach the sky.