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  • 09-05-17

    Texas Multifamily Investors Focused on Dallas, Tertiary Markets

    Texas markets are meeting a healthy demand for multifamily housing from millennials who are reaching renting age and baby boomers who are downsizing, while attracting investment from around the United States. At a recent conference, speakers said that fundamentals were generally strong with higher cap rates possible in tertiary markets such as Midland-Odessa, Waco, and Lubbock.

  • 09-05-17

    Embracing Smarter Cities in India and South Korea

    Technological innovations are affecting nearly every facet of how societies function, but it is the corresponding evolution of human behavior—not the technology itself—that is driving how the next generation of cities around the globe is being built. That was the general feeling of a panel of large-scale developers—veritable city builders—assembled at the World Real Estate Forum by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate.

  • 09-05-17

    Global Awards for Excellence: Hong Kong East Community Green Station

    Instead of a being a traditional garbage-collection point, Hong Kong East Community Green Station is designed to be an asset to the local area with the inclusion of an education center, a work area for handling recyclables, an office, ancillary facilities, and a landscape area.

  • 09-01-17

    The Damage from Extreme Weather—and Challenges for Rebuilding

    While Hurricane Harvey was certainly a historical event, each event exposes vulnerabilities resulting from how we’ve built in the past. Each event also yields lessons about how to make our cities resilient, and ultimately more competitive.

  • August

  • 08-30-17

    How You Can Help Houston—Now and Later

    A message from ULI Americas Chairman Trish Healy and ULI Americas CEO Ralph Boyd on how ULI members can provide relief aid to flood victims as well as support rebuilding for the future.

  • 08-30-17

    BP Gets Resilient in Houston

    It was not just Hurricane Katrina that convinced BP to build Helios Plaza, its new mission critical–type facility in Houston, with a strong resilience program. It was also the mundane reality that flood-prone Buffalo Bayou is only blocks away from its campus and that the electricity grid in Texas is painfully challenged.

  • 08-30-17

    The Bayou City: Reclaiming Houston’s Signature Waterways

    Across the United States, a number of cities are attempting to restore and rediscover their urban rivers. One of the most ambitious efforts is occurring in Houston, where Buffalo Bayou Park is undergoing a $58 million redevelopment to be completed this year.

  • 08-30-17

    The City with (Almost) No Limits

    As the only major U.S. city without formal zoning, Houston has a reputation as a freewheeling place where anything goes. But in truth, a complex patchwork of public and private regulation has evolved to impose order.

  • 08-28-17

    Building Smarter Homes in Southern California

    Advances in technology and connectivity along with the identification of best practices by a collaboration of IT firms, homebuilders, and home product companies are delivering smart home platforms that are more user friendly than ever.

  • 08-28-17

    Three U.S. Cities Find Challenges and Successes in Their Bets on Renewables

    Cities and towns around the world are committing to increased use of solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydro energy, and many have achieved some level of success. But so far only a handful can claim they are 100 percent powered by renewable energy.