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  • 11-09-21

    Next Generation of Leaders in Asia Pacific Embrace Change and Innovation

    A focus on technology, diversity, and the impact of the post-COVID world is key for the next generation of ULI Asia Pacific member leaders, said panelists at the ULI Asia Pacific REImagine event. The second day of the virtual conference featured some of the brightest young leaders in real estate in the region, talking about their priorities, their ambitions, and their recipes for success.

  • 11-09-21

    UL10: Adapted for Creative Uses

    The following 10 projects—all completed during the past five years—include museums that display art in former produce warehouses and decommissioned cheese factory buildings and libraries in an old post office and a former temple.

  • 11-09-21

    Outlook for Urban Revitalization

    ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: How can urban cores rebound from the pandemic? Members of ULI’s Urban Revitalization councils discuss the pandemic’s potential long-term effects on development in urban cores, opportunities for creative redevelopment, steps that municipalities can take, ways to enhance resilience in urban cores, and other trends.

  • 11-05-21

    Decarbonizing the Built Environment through Renewable Energy Auctions

    ULI Greenprint Innovation Partners: Purchasing renewable energy through online auctions is one way to procure greener energy for properties quickly, efficiently, and in the exact amount that serves both operational and environmental, social, and governance needs.

  • 11-04-21

    ULI Climate Effort Gets a Boost from Former Global Chair Lynn Thurber’s $500,000 Donation

    Lynn Thurber, the chairman of JLL Income Property Trust and former ULI Global Chair, has donated $500,000 to support the efforts of the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance’s Net Zero Imperative, a multiyear initiative to accelerate decarbonization in the built environment.

  • 11-04-21

    Cybernetics Expert Advocates for Systems-Led Thought Process and Balancing Risk with Innovation

    Technology, cybernetics, and the importance of innovation were at the heart of the final day of ULI Asia Pacific’s REImagine virtual conference. Keynote speaker Dr. Catherine Ball spoke about the importance of innovation and using systems-led thinking in order to build better cities and spaces.

  • 11-03-21

    ULI and PwC Report Finds Post-Pandemic Leap in Confidence in Europe while Coming to Terms with Lasting Impact of COVID-19

    Emerging Trends in Real Estate® Europe 2022, the 19th annual survey by ULI and PwC of European real estate sector leaders’ expectations for the year ahead, finds a significant leap in confidence going into next year. The longer-term outlook is characterized by uncertainty with many still coming to terms with the radical changes to the business of real estate brought about or accelerated by COVID-19.

  • 11-02-21

    Improving Active Transportation Infrastructure in Four North American Cities during COVID: Lessons for Equitable Engagement and Implementation

    Physical distancing and restriction of travel were some of the earliest and most effective and widespread strategies enacted worldwide to control the transmission of COVID-19. Roads emptied of typical automobile traffic, and many were used in new ways to support the needs of communities. Cities used roadways to create space for walking and bicycling, outdoor commerce, and queuing for essential services, with the implementation of these programs moving abnormally quickly to respond to an increased demand.

  • 11-01-21

    At ULIREImagine, Collaboration and Measurement Seen as Primary Solutions for Halting Climate Change

    Collaboration and swift, measurable actions are needed to prevent disastrous climate change, attendees heard on the first day of ULI Asia Pacific’s REImagine virtual conference. The event opened with a presentation from climate scientist Professor Benjamin Horton of Nanyang Technological University, who was an author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 5th Assessment Report and a review editor for the 6th report, which was published earlier this year.

  • 11-01-21

    HRP’s New Project a Bellwether for Positive Change

    Sponsored Content: If you take a look around our nation’s cities, you will probably see relics of obsolete industries, like abandoned power plants or old oil refineries. Not only are these sites eyesores, but they are often significant sources of pollution. So, what can be done with them? This is where HRP comes in.