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  • 01-29-18

    Five Priorities Identified to Catalyze Development on Boston’s Proposed North-South Rail Link

    A ULI panel of real estate and land use professionals convened in Boston last fall has identified key priorities to guide future real estate development that could be catalyzed by a proposed underground rail line linking two major transit hubs—North Station and South Station—and unifying two currently separate commuter rail systems.

  • 01-26-18

    CEO Perspective: Enhancing the Member Experience

    Lisette van Doorn, Chief Executive Officer of ULI Europe, shares some of the ongoing effort to enhance the benefits for our members and make ULI more relevant on a local level across Europe.

  • 01-26-18

    Warsaw Spire: The Long Road to Poland’s Tallest Office Building

    A forgotten area in the Polish capital now sports a 49-story tower lauded for high design and public spaces.

  • 01-26-18

    ULI Product Council Outlook for Global Investment

    Members of ULI’s Global Exchange Council discuss factors and trends influencing real estate investment and development decisions.

  • 01-26-18

    ULI Europe’s Affordable Housing Game

    The Affordable Housing Game—a new initiative from ULI Europe and the city gaming company Play the City—brings ULI members and partners together to develop innovative and collaborative approaches to increase a city’s supply of affordable housing.

  • 01-23-18

    UL Interview: Tom Toomey and Michael Spies

    The Institute’s global chairman and a trustee who helped ULI’s development in Europe discuss how the organization has affected their careers—and how to enhance the tools available to members.

  • 01-22-18

    After the Storms: How 2017 Storms Affected Forecasts for Texas, Florida, and Elsewhere

    The surveys and interviews for the Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2018 report were complete; the data had been compiled, and the reports had been written. Then, for some of the major U.S. Sun Belt cities, everything changed. Historic storms raged across the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, destroying property and lives and upending all the forecasts and predictions for property markets in the Southeast. Investors and developers were sent scrambling to reassess their analysis and financial models.

  • 01-22-18

    Costs, Resistance to Denser Development Holding Markets Like San Diego Back

    In many ways, San Diego illustrates the challenges facing many attractive U.S. cities, including the demand for affordable housing, struggling retail, and the need for more senior housing. At the top of the list is a strong community wariness of any new development, which has made it difficult to build meaningful mixed-use projects, said speakers during a January panel discussion organized by ULI San Diego–Tijuana.

  • 01-22-18

    Europe Issue of Urban Land Is Available for Download

    The special print issue was distributed to ULI members in Europe, but it is available for all to download through the Urban Land app. The cover package for this issue is titled “Europe: What will investors look for next?”

  • 01-18-18

    Hilton Rolls Out Mobile-Centric “Connected Room” Technology

    U.S.-based hotel chains continually aim to one-up the competition in order to attract customers—particularly younger ones—to their properties and loyalty programs. Now Hilton is surging ahead with its “Connected Room” concept, which allows guests to personalize and control every aspect of their experience using their smartphones.