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  • 07-06-20

    ULI Welcomes New Members of the Global Board of Directors and Governing Trustees

    Four internationally renowned real estate industry leaders have joined ULI’s Global Board of Directors, and 38 additional industry luminaries have been added to the roster of the Institute’s Global Governing Trustees. Both the Global Board members and Global Governing Trustees will serve on a voluntary basis beginning on July 1.

  • 07-06-20

    The New Art of Creating Calm Places

    Design elements can create more hospitable places for people with heightened sensitivity.

  • 07-06-20

    CIBC Square Builds a Bridge in Downtown Toronto

    The two towers of CIBC Square are rising on either side of the busy rail yards and train platforms of Toronto’s Union Station. A new park will span the air between the two buildings, bridging the gap over the train tracks.

  • 07-06-20

    Four Approaches to Reducing the Urban Heat Island Effect

    Extreme heat is the number-one weather-related cause of death in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and extreme heat can also harm infrastructure as well as the overall economy. What if it were possible to make cities cooler—that is, actually lower urban temperatures to improve the quality of life—with more-resilient development?

  • June

  • 06-29-20

    The New, Old Real Estate: Capturing Value, Sustainability, and Community Impact by Repositioning Older Buildings

    In a recent ULI webinar, four experts in design, development, and sustainability explored the opportunities and challenges inherent in repositioning buildings.

  • 06-29-20

    ULX: Next-Generation Housing for Seniors

    Ten communities bring contemporary design approaches to housing for seniors.

  • 06-29-20

    ULI Terwilliger Center Releases Pilot Home Attainability Index

    The ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing has created a Home Attainability Index, designed to support ULI district councils, local municipalities, and members of the development community who are working to address longstanding challenges related to home affordability. Attainable housing and income segregation remain major challenges for families and communities across the United States.

  • 06-23-20

    Rethinking Resilient Cities around the Globe

    Recently, ULI Europe conducted a webinar to discuss how city resilience should be redefined around the world in light of the COVID-19 pandemic in addition to the rising tides threatening coastal cities, touching on research that ULI is contributing to on how five cities around the world are preparing for sea rise and other climate change impacts.

  • 06-22-20

    Family-Oriented Rental Housing: Filling an Urgent Need and an Untapped Opportunity

    The family-oriented U.S. rental housing stock has failed to focus on older millennials with families who require larger units, according to a new ULI report.

  • 06-22-20

    Life Sciences Continue to Be Driving Force in the Boston Metro Area’s Economy  

    While the various segments of the Greater Boston commercial real estate industry grapple with how to return to operations safely as the global pandemic persists, the region’s life science sector continues to thrive. Acquisition, development, and leasing of laboratory properties remain robust in Boston and Cambridge as well as in the submarkets, according to a panel of life science property owners recently assembled for a ULI Boston webinar.