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  • 10-11-11

    Design/Build Project Elevates California Sports Park to Peak Efficiency

    Arlington Heights Sports Park, a new 35-acre (14-ha) public venue for sports and a community amenity in Riverside, California, shows how innovative approaches to project delivery can yield positive results. Read about the advantages a design/build process brought to the project, and the special considerations that must be addressed when designing a field to accommodate several sports.

  • September

  • 09-04-10

    Japan Emerges from the Tohoku Earthquake with Notably Different Lifestyles—and Different Real Estate Markets

    At ULI’s recent 2011 Fall Meeting, a panel of experts reported notable differences in the Japanese economy and way of life after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, including an increase in time spent at home, decreases in urban retail and restaurant activities, lower demand for oceanfront and high-rise properties, and greater emphasis on energy conservation and disaster resilience. Read more.