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  • 06-10-19

    Embedding Sustainability in Real Estate Transactions

    Increasingly, investor pressure is driving companies to analyze not just typical financial risks, but also how sustainability plays into the equation and positively affects a deal.

  • 06-07-19

    2019 Asia Pacific Special Issue of Urban Land Is Available Now

    The cover package for the 2019 Asia Pacific special issue is titled “Finding Balance: The quest for smart buildings, smart tourism, and smart climate strategies.” Other topics include “South Korea: Heritage at Jeonju Hanok Village,” “ China: Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel,” “Thailand: Dealing with Bangkok’s Climate Challenge,”and “Interview: Chairman Nicholas Brooke.” This special issue will be available at the ULI Asia Pacific conference in Shanghai and mailed to ULI members in Asia.

  • 06-07-19

    Partnership for Building Reuse Helps Support Code Change in Chicago

    The city of Chicago is celebrating the adoption of an extensive overhaul of its building code that has been decades in the making. The new code means some big changes ahead for the city. For ULI Chicago’s Building Reuse Initiative, it also represents a significant step forward in its work to clear a path for more building reuse throughout the city.

  • 06-05-19

    P3s: A Practical Solution for Improving Public Infrastructure

    The United States has fallen behind other nations in crafting public/private partnerships to leverage resources for critically needed infrastructure improvements. A global panel of experts explores how that might be changed.

  • 06-03-19

    Balancing Tourism and Sustainability across Asia

    As global tourism spreads to more remote locations, deliberate measures can create positive outcomes for the environment—and local cultures.

  • 06-03-19

    Redefining Smart Buildings

    A truly smart building goes far beyond sensors and data collection to improve occupiers’ quality of life.

  • 06-03-19

    UL Interview: ULI Asia Pacific Chairman Nicholas Brooke

    Reflections on a storied, globe-spanning career—and thoughts on today’s Hong Kong.

  • 06-03-19

    InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland: A Former Quarry Adapted as a Luxury Hotel

    The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel in China’s Songjiang District, near Shanghai, appears modest when approached from ground level because only two storeys project above ground and green roofs help them blend into the surrounding greenery. But when guests step inside, they see the dramatic construction, attached to the rock like a hanging garden.

  • May

  • 05-29-19

    Understanding How Technology and Globalism Affect the Commercial Real Estate Sector

    At the ULI U.K. annual conference in London, three panelists discussed how the global economy has reduced inequality between nations but increased it within nations, saying that technology is both the root of and the solution to some of these problems like dealing with climate change and a polarized political landscape.

  • 05-28-19

    Global Real Estate Investors See Slowing Growth in U.S. and Europe, Increased Interest in Asia

    ULI research highlights continued demand for property as investors try to balance their appetite for yield amid potential market risks.