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  • 11-04-11

    Urban Mixed-Use Development: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    At the “Urban Mixed-Use Development” session at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles last week, all three panelists agreed that being successful at mixed use means getting the right mix of uses at the right location—which, in most cases, means high-density urban areas. Read more to learn why the panelists said that—despite planners’ best intentions—mixed-use projects don’t work everywhere.

  • 11-04-11

    Urban Grocers

    More and more, major grocers are finding ways to open stores in urban neighborhoods, but it isn’t easy. As noted during the “Developing Walkable Urban Groceries in Mixed-Use Environments” session at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles last month, getting the design of a grocery store right while simultaneously accommodating residential units on the site is particularly daunting.

  • 11-03-11

    The Food Revolution and Its Impact on Real Estate

    “The Food Revolution and Its Impact on Real Estate”—a session at ULI’s recent 2011 Fall Meeting—showcased three different examples of how food is becoming an increasingly important part of not just our diets, but also our developments. Read more to learn how this panel provided food for thought on the role of food as a real estate amenity, a community builder, and a project differentiator.

  • October

  • 10-31-11

    Beyond HOPE 6: HUD Offers New Initiatives for Low-Income Housing, Neighborhood Revitalization

    At a ULI 2011 Fall Meeting session titled “HUD Catalysts for Repositioning Neighborhood Markets,” a yet-unauthorized new HUD program called Rental Assistance Demonstration was described that would allow Section 9 public housing and several other HUD housing programs to convert to Section 8. Read more to learn how this program is just one part of HUD’s larger strategy to preserve rental housing.

  • 10-31-11

    Re-Thinking the Office Market: Office Sector Realities and Strategies

    “We don’t need any more office space.” This is the takeaway quote from a session titled “Rethinking the Office Market” at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles. Though this pronouncement may seem extreme, the five panelists in attendance gave their insights into what has changed in the office market over the course of the Great Recession—and what can be expected in coming years.

  • 10-31-11

    Public/Private Partnerships: Wide Ranging Views and Successful Approaches

    It was pretty much business as usual at a panel discussion entitled “Public/Private Partnerships: Solutions for the Next Generation” at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles—master plans, local politicians decrying their tight budgets, pay-as-you-go infrastructure takedowns. Business as usual, that is, until a veteran developer veered wildly off script and divulged some home truths, followed by advice for best approaching these partnerships and ensuring success.

  • 10-31-11

    BofA Has Plan to Buy, Lease REO

    The much-maligned Bank of America is working “hard” on a short sale-to-lease program for distressed borrowers who don’t qualify for government-backed refinance programs, says BofA executive Ron Sturzenegger to a session on capital markets at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles. Read more to learn the details of how the bank expects to tackle today’s huge inventory of foreclosed properties.

  • 10-28-11

    Reports of the Death of GSEs May Be Greatly Exaggerated

    In light of predictions of the death of government-sponsored enterprises (GSEs), panelists at ULI’s Fall Meeting were asked to predict what they thought might replace the business currently handled by GSEs like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and what impact that shift might have for the market. Read more to learn what industry insiders expect to see happen with the GSEs over the next two to five years.

  • 10-28-11

    Recovery in the U.S. economy is well underway—but continued unemployment and the European debt crisis are leaving a “global stagnation cloud”

    At the ULI 2011 Fall Meeting, a panel of real estate experts reported some good news: The U.S. economy has rebounded, and there are few signs at present of a double-dip recession. Nonetheless, there are clear signs of stagnation and underperformance, growth has been uneven, and the European debt crisis and the politically uncertain environment still threaten the economic recovery.

  • 10-28-11

    You Say You Want a (Food) Revolution—Count Me In

    Local food is a hot topic. From community gardens that provide healthy food and a place for neighbors to meet, to resorts and tourist attractions that feature regular farmers markets and restaurants with farm-to-table dinners, the popularity of food and its source is driving real estate development in not-so-subtle ways. Read more to learn what some developers are doing to capitalize on this trend.