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  • 03-16-20

    Confronting COVID-19: Social Distancing, Buildings, and Lessons from Asia

    Communities around the world are racing to control the spread of the novel coronavirus and the disease that it causes, COVID-19. Increasingly, that means implementing aggressive social distancing measures, which can inhibit the spread of the virus and flatten the transmission curve. Given what is known about the virus so far, using building strategies to help slow the spread of the disease makes sense to help protect those who must work in an office or commercial setting and in multifamily settings.

  • February

  • 02-20-20

    Planning for Growth in Sydney: Expansion to New Areas Hinges on Connectivity and Livability

    The Greater Sydney Commission (GSC) has prepared a 40-year vision for connecting and rebalancing growth and development in Greater Sydney, one of the fastest-growing regions in the developed world. In an event organized by ULI Australia and Urbis, GSC chief commissioner Lucy Turnbull presented the keynote, outlining how land use, transport, and infrastructure planning for the growth areas have for the first time been prepared concurrently.

  • 02-11-20

    Private-Equity Investors Focused on Data Centers, Logistics Sector in South Korea

    Niche strategies and development are high on the agenda for investors looking to hit their return targets in South Korea. A group of private-equity real estate managers gathered at the ULI South Korea Annual Conference, held in Seoul in January to discuss capital markets in Korea and further afield.

  • 02-03-20

    How to Price Climate Change Risk?

    Insurers and investors adopt new models to calculate how the changing climate will affect long-term asset values.

  • January

  • 01-13-20

    Innovating in Retail and Hospitality for China’s Billion-Strong “Digital-First” Network

    China is a nation of more than 1 billion “digital-first” consumers, Jeffrey Towson, managing partner at Towson Group and a Peking University professor, said at a recent ULI event in Shanghai. Because these consumers are starting to act like an interconnected network—influencing each other and generating fresh ways of doing transactions—they are shaping how almost all companies do business.

  • 01-03-20

    Linking Connectivity to Livability and Better-Planned Cities

    Improved connectivity leads to better cities and more profitable buildings, and data can play a crucial role in analyzing that connectivity and planning to maximize it, said a keynote speaker at the ULI Asia Pacific Leadership Convivium in Singapore.

  • 01-03-20

    Data-Driven Physical Real Estate Still Wins with China’s Retail Consumers

    When e-commerce first became entrenched in China, it seemed to sound the death knell for traditional retail. Sporting venues and other cultural attractions are helping bring foot traffic to the experiential retail of the future, said panelists at a ULI event in Shanghai.

  • December

  • 12-16-19

    Industry Outlook for Property Technology: Asia Pacific

    Members of ULI’s Asia Pacific Tech Council discuss the new council’s areas of focus, the interface between technology startups and the real estate industry, the challenges of incorporating rapidly evolving technologies, the promise of big data, and related trends.

  • 12-13-19

    How Mall Developers in Asia Are Using Data to Drive Higher Rents and Revenue

    Singapore-based developer CapitaLand is harvesting data to boost the revenues of its retail tenants and to help it locate future malls. Speaking at the ULI Asia Pacific Convivium, Chris Chong, managing director at CapitaLand Retail, said that the company uses data to boost both footfall and spending for tenants in its malls, which will ultimately benefit the landlord.

  • November

  • 11-15-19

    Singapore, Tokyo Are Top Investment Markets in the Asia Pacific Region for 2020

    After several years of steady growth, Asia Pacific real estate continues to produce strong returns, but caution is increasingly embedded into investor strategies, according to Emerging Trends in Real Estate ® Asia Pacific 2020, an annual real estate forecast jointly published by ULI and PwC. Singapore, Tokyo, Sydney, and Melbourne are ranked as four of the top five markets for investment prospects, reflecting investor preference for regional markets that are large, liquid, and defensive.