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  • 11-11-22

    How Fairstead is Creating a Sustainable Future for Affordable Housing 

    Sponsored Post: Fairstead has launched Fairstead Ventures, a $100 million venture capital initiative, designed to invest in and deploy innovative startups focused on decarbonization, energy and water conservation, and sustainability.

  • 11-10-22

    Nature Positive and Net Zero: Four Scales of Action for Ecological Real Estate

    Stakeholders across the real estate value chain are increasingly recognizing that the climate crisis and biodiversity loss are deeply interlinked, and one issue cannot be solved without addressing the other. However, solutions are ready and available for real estate to implement today, according to a new report out of ULI’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance: Nature Positive and Net Zero: The Ecology of Real Estate, sponsored by Jacobs.

  • 11-09-22

    Borrowers Feeling the Pinch from Shifting Capital Markets for Commercial Real Estate

    Developers and investors seeking capital to finance commercial real estate are facing a new reality in which capital is both more expensive and less available. Borrowers still have options, but those options depend on the credit quality and type of deal, as well as what that borrower is looking for in that loan.

  • 11-07-22

    Jonathan Greeley, Amazon’s New England Problem Solver, Shares Advice on Building a Successful Career with Boston Young Leaders

    Jonathan Greeley, New England economic development lead , for Amazon, admits he didn’t have it all figured out when he graduated from St. Anselm College. Greeley recently shared tips on what he’s learned with Young Leaders from ULI Boston/New England.

  • 11-07-22

    Forecasters Downgrade Prospects for U.S. Real Estate Sector and Economy

    Real estate economists offered a less optimistic forecast of the near-term U.S. real estate and economic environment compared with six months ago, downgrading predictions for a wide range of economic, capital market, and real estate variables. Some of the biggest changes to forecasts included 2023 gross domestic product, job growth, and private real estate returns, according to the Fall 2022 ULI Real Estate Economic Forecast.

  • 11-07-22

    Ten Years After Superstorm Sandy, Focus on Climate Change Forecasting Is Mainstream

    The strategy to address climate change’s impact on real estate development and deals went from being a “nice to have” to a “must have,” said sustainability leaders speaking at the 2022 ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas.

  • 11-04-22

    First Street Foundation Debuts Climate Risk Analysis Tool Informed by ULI Members

    ULI has been establishing dialogue between real estate professionals and climate risk data analytics firms that can help advance the interests of both parties. Enhanced collaboration and understanding between these two sides should continue to improve this evolving space, potentially improving both financial and climate-risk outcomes. As part of these efforts, ULI collaborated with First Street Foundation, a research and technology nonprofit with expertise in assessing physical climate risk at the property level in the United States.

  • 11-03-22

    Commitment to Health and Equity in the Built Environment

    As built environment professionals, our decisions and actions have significant impacts on the lives of others. In recognition of our responsibility to support conditions that improve the health, environmental quality, economic vitality, and social equity of communities, a subset of ULI members, under the auspices of the ULI Health Leaders Network, has generated a position statement—“Commitment to Health and Equity in the Built Environment”—to affirm health and equity as core values of our work.

  • 11-02-22

    The Willis Tower’s $670 Million Makeover

    Undermanaged and underinvested for years, the newly unveiled, amenity-rich Chicago redevelopment appears prescient.

  • 11-01-22

    Two North Dallas Suburbs Evolving Past Bedroom Communities

    Growth pours north out of Dallas, the city nicknamed “the Big D,” and one result has been a boom in the suburb of Frisco, which earned the title of the nation’s fastest-growing city of the 2010s, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Frisco’s growth has spread to nearby Celina, which has grown 10x since 2010.