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  • 05-14-18

    Five District Councils Supporting Student Scholarship Programs

    In 2017, ULI Foundation Governor Bruce Etkin pledged $100,000 to support four additional district council student scholarship programs, which began at ULI Colorado, supporting undergraduate and graduate students as they launch their careers in real estate and other land use professions. The funds for the expanded program will be competitively awarded over two years to district councils to support student memberships, networking and mentorship activities, and involvement with ULI at the local level.

  • 05-14-18

    Incorporating Live-Performance Spaces into Existing and New Developments

    Business improvement districts and other stakeholders are leveraging live music performances and other activities as a draw—both to prospective commercial tenants and to residents and visitors. Participants at a recent ULI Washington panel discussed both best practices and complicating factors when adding live-performance spaces to a neighborhood.

  • 05-14-18

    Studying the Competitiveness of Milan and Turin

    The challenge of developing and maintaining a competitive edge is important for cities around the world. In Italy, this issue is framed by distinct pressures and challenges posed by the country’s history and strategic role in Europe. ULI has published a report analyzing the international competitiveness of Milan and Turin, two of Italy’s major cities.

  • 05-14-18

    UL Interview: N.H. Seek

    JLL’s head of research for Asia Pacific chats with the chairman of Global Logistic Properties—and outgoing ULI Asia Pacific chairman.

  • 05-14-18

    Arriving at the Best Use for Hong Kong’s Waterfront

    A prime spot for development is up for bids. Will existing rules yield the mix and vitality befitting such a prominent spot?

  • 05-10-18

    Meeting the Demand for Walkable Development in Dallas/Fort Worth

    While it is estimated that 98 percent of the Dallas/Fort Worth region’s land mass is suburban-style development requiring the day-to-day use of a car, panelists speaking at a recent ULI North Texas event say most of what has been built in the current cycle has favored walkable urban places, whether in the downtown areas or in suburban corridors.

  • 05-08-18

    Alleviating Homelessness: ULI Crafts Recommendations for Los Angeles

    A recent ULI Advisory Services panel, funded entirely by the ULI Foundation, provided recommendations specific to the city of Los Angeles but adaptable to other metropolitan areas.

  • 05-07-18

    Creating Positive Community Collisions in Downtown Las Vegas

    Though best known as the chief executive officer of fast-growing online shoe and clothing business Zappos, Tony Hsieh is also leading one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the United States in downtown Las Vegas.

  • 05-07-18

    How Detroit Battled Its Way Out of Bankruptcy

    Detroit’s bankruptcy marked a turn in the fate of the city. Along with the economic downfall came rare opportunities for investment, creation, and collaboration.

  • 05-07-18

    “Maker Spaces” for Local Crafts Producers Add Vitality to Cities

    Artists and other creative types need small, affordable places—and patient capital, Detroit experts say.