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  • 07-24-20

    Funding a ULI Program to Make Careers in Real Estate More Accessible

    ULI’s new online Foundations of Real Estate (FoRE) curriculum is targeted to undergraduate students at liberal arts colleges and universities. FoRE is a key part of the Institute’s efforts to identify, diversify, and broaden the pool of young people interested in a real estate career. The curriculum is offered through the ULI Learning program, which includes a variety of digital education courses as well as topical webinars provided to ULI members and prospective members.

  • 07-20-20

    Marnix Galle, Executive Chairman of Immobel, Appointed ULI Europe Chairman

    Marnix Galle, executive chairman of Belgian developer Immobel, has been appointed ULI Europe Chairman, serving on a voluntary basis for a two-year term starting on July 1, 2020, and will join the ULI Global Board of Directors. He succeeds outgoing Europe Chairman Juergen Fenk, member of the executive board, SIGNA Holding GmbH.

  • 07-20-20

    Woven City: Toyota’s Planned Proving Ground in Japan

    Employees, business partners, and others may set up housekeeping and create a real-life test environment for new technologies in autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

  • 07-20-20

    Mobile COVID-19 Testing Labs Being Produced for Higher Education, Corporate, and Manufacturing Campuses

    MEMBER ONLY CONTENT: As college and corporate campuses reopen this fall, a new line of mobile testing labs may help these institutions enhance their public health profile.

  • 07-20-20

    50 Years of Impact: Why Industry Leaders and Their Families Find the ULI Foundation to Be an Essential Partner

    In 1970, a group of visionary ULI leaders—the original 17 Foundation governors, led by ULI past president Robert Nahas—sought the most effective way to elevate the Institute’s position in the transformative improvement of communities worldwide.

  • 07-13-20

    ULI to Rename J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development

    ULI is renaming its annual $100,000 J.C. Nichols Prize as the ULI Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development. The change represents part of the Institute’s ongoing effort to address and assist in remedying the legacy of social and economic harm caused by some real estate practices.

  • 07-13-20

    Midway CEO Jonathan H. Brinsden Appointed ULI Americas Chairman

    Jonathan H. Brinsden, chief executive officer of Houston-based real estate investment and development firm, Midway, has been appointed ULI Americas Chairman. Brinsden, who succeeds Jack Chandler, founder of Majesteka Investment Holdings, will serve on a voluntary basis for a two-year term and will join the ULI Global Board of Directors.

  • 07-13-20

    Keeping an Eye on Privacy as Cities Get Smarter

    A sleek utility pole called the Ekin Spotter—made by Ekin, an international software, hardware, and design firm that focuses on smart cities—can accommodate such modules as a license-plate reader, traffic radar, red-light cameras, and air quality sensors, along with electric-vehicle charging ports. This was the type of municipal-level technology on display at the 2020 CES show earlier this year, along with other smart-city components such as partially or fully autonomous vehicles, delivery drones, and street-based sensors.

  • 07-10-20

    Product Council Outlook for Senior Housing

    ULI MEMBER ONLY-CONTENT: Experts in real estate development for the age-qualified and service-enriched housing sectors discuss changing consumer preferences in senior living and other trends affecting operators.

  • 07-09-20

    Inaugural Winners Announced for ULI Hines Student Competition–Europe

    A team from Politecnico di Milano has been revealed as the inaugural winners of a pan-European virtual real estate competition for university students and will receive a one-year ULI membership and fast track to Hines’s internship program.