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  • 04-05-21

    A Renewable Resource: Modernizing Toronto’s Apartment Towers

    A half century or more into their service life, the need to retrofit and revitalize postwar apartment towers across Canada has never been more critical. Compounding the growing inequities laid bare by the COVID-19 pandemic, much of the purpose-built rental housing is in need of renewal. Retrofitting costs—as well as financing retrofits while maintaining housing affordability—continue to be a primary barrier.

  • 04-05-21

    With Inventory Near Record Lows, When Could the U.S. Housing Market Decelerate?

    Speaking at the 2021 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference, Ali Wolf, chief economist with Zonda, formerly Meyers Research, said that the homebuilding industry has been a bright spot in the U.S. economy over the last year. But rising mortgage rates and limited inventory are among the issues that may hamper that growth in 2021.

  • 04-05-21

    ULI Capital Markets Forum: What a Difference a Year Makes

    ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: As part of the 2021 ULI Virtual Europe Conference in February, high-level ULI members from across the global finance and investment sector gathered virtually to discuss capital flows, real estate market dynamics, and debt and equity markets. Among the trends discussed were an acceleration of deglobalization, shifting from “just in time” to “just in case” deliveries, and more interest in the hyperlocal, also characterized as “love thy neighborhood.”

  • 04-05-21

    Drones for Development

    The pandemic has accelerated the use of contactless drones for comprehensive applications in real estate development.

  • March

  • 03-29-21

    UL10: Extra-Green Buildings

    Ten new buildings exemplify sustainable design creativity.

  • 03-29-21

    Fact-Checking Claims about 5G Wireless Technology

    ULI MEMBER–ONLY CONTENT: Although it could be three to five years before the promise of 5G internet can be realized in offices and multifamily spaces, the real estate industry is starting to think about what kind of impact 5G will have inside the built environment.

  • 03-29-21

    Helping Small and Large U.S. Landlords Survive a Downturn

    As the new appointees at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development settle into their roles, they face challenges both old and new. Ethan Handelman, the new deputy assistant secretary of the agency’s Office of Multifamily Housing Programs, addressed the 2021 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in March.

  • 03-29-21

    The Art of Placemaking: Exploring the Role of Public Art in Singapore

    Many landlords in Singapore are recognizing their role in placemaking and helping to meld space, art, and people to imbue the built environment with culture and heritage, said panelists at a roundtable discussion at the 2021 ULI Singapore Annual Conference, held both virtually and in person in early March.

  • 03-26-21

    The Time for a Net-Zero Building Boom Is Now

    As part of the first Net Zero Buildings Week this week, ULI, the New Buildings Institute (NBI), and other organizations focused on improving the built environment are calling on partners and members to share their thought leadership on net zero.

  • 03-22-21

    The Pandemic and the Public Realm: Adapting Spaces in a Global Pandemic

    An excerpt from the forthcoming ULI report The Pandemic and the Public Realm: Global Innovations for Health, Social Equity, and Sustainability, which documents how cities around the world looked to their public spaces to meet changing needs.