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  • 09-28-12

    New Fall Meeting Mobile App Debuts in Denver

    Attendees at ULI’s 2012 Fall Meeting in Denver will find it easier to get the most out of the event thanks to a new mobile app for iPads, iPhones, and other smartphones.

  • January

  • 01-06-12

    Rethinking the Office Market: Office Sector Realities and Strategies

    Cost is secondary to value right now, declared one panelist at a session titled “Rethinking the Office Market” at the ULI 2011 Fall Meeting and Urban Land Expo in Los Angeles.

  • 01-06-12

    Carbon, Climate Change, and City Building

    At the 2011 ULI Fall Meeting, leaders in real estate development, urban design, and local government discussed their experiences in sustainable city building—with a focus on reducing carbon emissions.

  • December

  • 12-15-11

    Serving Those Who Follow

    This year’s Fall Meeting in Los Angeles—which kicked off the institute’s 75th anniversary celebration—was particularly focused on the long-term future of the industry and ULI.

  • 12-05-11

    ULI in Action: Leveraging Change in Infrastructure and Transportation through the Curtis Regional Infrastructure Initiative

    At the 2011 Fall Meeting in L.A., trustee James Curtis divulged the three main takeaways of the ULI/Curtis Regional Infrastructure Initiative—a project intended to move the needle on infrastructure.

  • 12-01-11

    Sovereign Debt Crisis: Implications for Europe

    Despite the unfolding financial crisis in Europe, opportunities still exist for real estate investors, panelists said at the Urban Land Institute’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles.

  • November

  • 11-30-11

    Seniors Housing

    It’s what everone will need, eventually. But what makes some seniors’ housing projects succeed? Panelists at ULI’s Fall Meeting in Los Angeles revealed the key attributes.

  • 11-30-11

    Global City Ranking

    New York continues to rank first among 35 top global cities ranked by the Mori Memorial Foundation in Japan, with London, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore rounding out the top five.

  • 11-29-11

    Postindustrial Development: A Growing Opportunity for Sustainable Development

    In a “speed learning session” at ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting, two academics from the University of Illinois reported notable successes and challenges in the growing trend of “postindustrial redevelopment”—coordinated redevelopment of urban areas offering underused industrial and residential land. Read more to learn about new approaches that are achieving important successes in sustainable development.

  • 11-23-11

    Video: Amanda Burden on Creating Value with Urban Open Space

    New York City Department of City Planning Commissioner Amanda M. Burden talks to Urban Land magazine about the value of urban open space, how it can be a catalyst for economic development, why she created the Amanda Burden Urban Open Space Award.