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  • 03-01-10

    LONDON: Standing Firm

    Though London’s economy has been hit hard by the global recession, the city stands firm alongside New York City and Tokyo as one of three global financial centers and remains unrivaled as the business capital of Europe.

  • 03-01-10

    Creating Value Out of Air

    Three-dimensional airspace subdivisions can add value to real estate developments.

  • 03-01-10

    Regional Spotlight Northeast

    Atlantic Wharf, a mixed-use development scheduled to include a waterfront plaza, 30,000 square feet (2,787 sq m) of retail and public spaces, and a 31-story, 750,000-square-foot (69,677-sq-m) Class A office tower, is taking shape in the capital of Massachusetts. And in strong markets around the New York metropolitan area, retail development appears to be a bright spot. In neighboring Connecticut, the single-family home sector is expected to strengthen this year, and the office market in northern New Jersey is starting to gain traction.

  • January

  • 01-01-10

    Repositioning Office Markets

    In the current climate of economic distress,a common refrain among anxious observers is that the next shoe to drop will be commercial real estate, whose complex financing over the past decade has yet to be unraveled and, in the end, could send already fragile financial giants into a five-spiral crash.

  • 01-01-10

    A Short History of CBDs/BIDs

    Community benefit districts (CBDs) were first developed in Maryland during the 1980s, but business improvement districts (BIDs) date back to the early 1970s in the Canadian city of Toronto.

  • 01-01-10

    Office Futures

    Five real estate experts discuss issues surrounding the office market downturn, including how it differs from previous ones, the prospects for recovery and indicators to be on the watch for, where the office market is expected to recover first, whether the current downturn will change the way tenants lease properties even after the office market recovers, and what office building owners should focus on to make it through the rest of the recession.

  • 01-01-10

    Sustainable Makeovers for Exisitng Buildings

    Ten renovation and retrofit projects transform existing buildings into showcases for sustainable strategies.

  • 01-01-10

    Europe’s Office Forecast

    Yields are stabilizing in certain european office markets, but investor caution continues, particularly in eastern europe.

  • 01-01-10

    Real Estate Education: Still on Course in a Crisis?

    Prospects for maintaining U.S. real estate education programs appear to be weathering the crisis in real estate finance.

  • 01-01-10

    What to Do Before Defaulting

    Owners facing the numerous problems in the commercial real estate market have several exit strategies for cash-flow problems before foreclosure or bankruptcy.