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  • 03-01-10

    Little Infill

    Small, mixed-use infill projects are becoming favorites of the planning and development industry because of their compact urban scale, innovative design, and positive impact as catalysts for their neighborhoods.

  • 03-01-10

    Creating Value Out of Air

    Three-dimensional airspace subdivisions can add value to real estate developments.

  • January

  • 01-01-10

    Benefiting From Special Districts in Cities

    With U.S. cities increasingly strapped for cash, it comes as no surprise that community benefit districts (CBDs) are gaining in popularity. But will CBDs redefine America’s cities of the future? A growing number of property owners think so.

  • 01-01-10

    A Short History of CBDs/BIDs

    Community benefit districts (CBDs) were first developed in Maryland during the 1980s, but business improvement districts (BIDs) date back to the early 1970s in the Canadian city of Toronto.

  • 01-01-10

    Sustainable Makeovers for Exisitng Buildings

    Ten renovation and retrofit projects transform existing buildings into showcases for sustainable strategies.