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  • 10-01-10

    A Blueprint for the National Mall

    A debate is taking place right now on how best to protect and preserve one of America’s national treasures, the National Mall, and ensure that it remains what Pierre L’Enfant first imagined it to be—an open space featuring statues and memorials to honor worthy citizens. Should we revisit the 1901 McMillan Plan or begin anew?

  • September

  • 09-14-10

    Public/Private Partnerships for Developers

    Given the economic downturn and the scarcity of capital, public/private partnerships may seem appealing to more real estate developers than ever. Yet navigating the intricacies of these ventures can involve a steep learning curve. Three members of ULI’s Public/Private Partnership Council (Gold Flight) offer insights based on their extensive experience.

  • January

  • 01-01-10

    From Vacant Properties to Green Space

    A land-based approach to solving America’s economic crisis would enable municipalities to acquire vacant properties to develop into parks and green space.