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  • 06-29-20

    ULI Terwilliger Center Releases Pilot Home Attainability Index

    The ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing has created a Home Attainability Index, designed to support ULI district councils, local municipalities, and members of the development community who are working to address longstanding challenges related to home affordability. Attainable housing and income segregation remain major challenges for families and communities across the United States.

  • 06-22-20

    Family-Oriented Rental Housing: Filling an Urgent Need and an Untapped Opportunity

    The family-oriented U.S. rental housing stock has failed to focus on older millennials with families who require larger units, according to a new ULI report.

  • 06-18-20

    222 Taylor: Affordable Family Housing Takes Root in San Francisco’s Tenderloin

    Public subsidies, persistence, and innovative design decisions helped create homes for some of the poorest residents of San Francisco.

  • May

  • 05-27-20

    In Brief: Where the Residential Growth Has Been in U.S. Neighborhoods

    RCLCO’s Neighborhood Atlas framework initially examined the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country to classify each of their suburbs into one of five categories. RCLCO has expanded its analysis to cover six different types of urban neighborhoods as well, expanding to 100 of America’s largest metropolitan areas.

  • 05-11-20

    Repurposing Underused Golf Courses and Retail Centers to Fill Affordability Gaps in Housing

    Solutions are slowly emerging as builders attempt to deliver housing that meets the strong demand from middle-class Americans who struggle to afford a home purchase, according to panelists gathered at a ULI housing conference in February.

  • 05-04-20

    Promoting Housing Affordability across Europe Now and Post-Crisis

    In a follow-up to Promoting Housing Affordability, a report released earlier this year, ULI Europe held a webinar to look further into the report’s recommendations and how the COVID-19 crisis will affect the delivery of affordable and intermediate housing.

  • April

  • 04-27-20

    Searching for Answers and Innovations in the Changing Housing Market

    The future of housing is being influenced by evolving demographics, increased urbanization, higher construction costs, and financially constrained consumers who nonetheless demand meaningful, walkable communities, said panelists at the 2020 ULI Housing Conference in Miami. A shower of innovation rains down on the housing designers and builders who sort through options that include prefabricated homes, modular building components, and low-carbon technologies that support sustainable development goals.

  • March

  • 03-25-20

    What Works to Create and Sustain Mixed-Income Communities

    Two ULI members, working with ULI Terwilliger Center staff, have written an essay on the developer’s role in cultivating inclusive, equitable mixed-income communities.

  • 03-02-20

    Living with Water: How Coastal Developers Are Building for Rising Tides

    Out of the rising tides of climate change have emerged nimble projects that embrace rising floodwaters and shifts in thinking about design and construction, according to panelists at the 2020 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in Miami.

  • February

  • 02-28-20

    New Models for Senior Living Challenge Past Assumptions

    With the population of older residents fast outpacing the supply of units designed for them, panelists at the 2020 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in Miami shared how devolopers are working to address the misperceptions, changing financial considerations, and design trends for the sector.