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Editorial Calendar 2018

FALL 2017

Cover Story: Transportation: How technology, design, and policy can keep communities attractive to businesses, developers, & residents.

  • Host City Focus: Los Angeles. Stories about top trends & developments, including a look at the new Wilshire Grand tower
  • Asia Pacific Summit Highlights

Delivery:  Mid-October

Ad Sales: Aug. 23

Ad Art: Sept. 11


Cover Story: Finance & Investment. Will include an integrated look at the U.S., Asia Pacific, and Europe editions of Emerging Trends in Real Estate, the highly regarded annual report produced by ULI and PwC.

  • ULI Global Awards for Excellence Winners
  • Host City Focus: Berlin, site of ULI’s Europe Meeting in January
  • ULI Fall Meeting Highlights: Lessons & images from Los Angeles
  • Special Section: U.S. Mid-Atlantic

There will be an additional Europe edition, and special distribution at the ULI Europe Summit in Berlin. Europe-only advertising purchases are available for the Europe edition.

Delivery: Early January

Ad Sales: Nov. 14

Ad Art: Dec. 1



Cover package: Housing.

  • Host City Focus: Detroit, site of the ULI Spring Meeting in May
  • Host City Focus: Hong Kong, site of the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in June.
  • ULI Europe Meeting highlights from Berlin
  • Special Section: Midwest U.S.

There will be special distribution at the ULI Asia Pacific Meeting in Hong Kong, and the availability of Asia-only advertising purchases for a separate Asia edition.

Delivery: Mid-April

Ad Sales: Feb. 27

Ad Art: March 16



Cover package: Design. Latest trends in interior, exterior, and landscape design.

  • Highlights from the ULI Asia Pacific Summit
  • Reporting from ULI’s Florida Meeting
  • Special Section: Florida & the U.S. Southeast

Delivery: Mid-July

Ad Sales: May 25

Ad Art: June 18

Editorial Contacts:

Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Razzi

Online Editor, Brett Widness


Yasmine Yates,