Factoring Transit Times into Development

When making decisions about where to develop their next residential or commercial project, real estate developers should factor in the actual transit times it takes their customers to carry out the tasks of daily living, transit consultant Jarrett Walker said at a presentation to ULI members and staff at the Institute’s Washington, D.C., headquarters.

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Bike Commuting in the Tropics—Singapore’s Challenge

Turning Singapore into the Amsterdam of Asia won’t happen overnight – and that’s not even the point.

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LaHood Cites Detroit’s M1 Streetcar as Example of Partnership for Transit

Public/private partnerships (P3s) are critical to fixing aging transportation infrastructure and building new mass transit options across the United States, said former U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in remarks that concluded a ULI conference in Detroit.

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A drilling rig is used to extract oil from shale after hydraulic fracturing at the Eagle Ford Shale formation in south Texas. (Shuli Hallak/Corbis)Infrastructure

The Economics Underlying the Texas Boom

Extracting oil and natural gas from shale is just one driver of the state’s latest glory days.

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