Quality of Infrastructure Is Key to Real Estate Development Decisions

The quality of infrastructure systems—including transportation, utilities, and telecommunications—is the most important factor influencing real estate investment and development decisions in cities around the world, according to a survey of public sector and private sector leaders conducted by the Urban Land Institute and EY.

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Report: Atlanta, Nashville Areas Rated among Worst for Sprawl

According to a report by Smart Growth America, Southern cities like Atlanta and Nashville are among the least dense, but California’s Riverside also makes the bottom 10.

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Transit Planners Look to the Sky with Cable Cars, Gondolas

In a mountainous suburb of La Paz, Bolivia, crews are finishing the first leg of a network of gondolas, which may be the largest mass transit cable-car system in the world.

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Dialogue: How Are Developers Accommodating Walking and Cycling?

Four developers share their experiences with the market for walkable and bicycle-friendly development.

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