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The privately developed marketplace attracted the interest of the Project for Public Spaces, a New York City–based nonprofit organization founded to expand the work of urbanist William H. Whyte to foster lively urban places. (Project for Public Spaces/Phillip Winn)

Incubating an International Marketplace

A planner and an architect develop an international marketplace on a commercial strip in the middle-city area of Boise, Idaho.

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This year's ULI Latin America conference was jeld at the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami.

Modeling Latin American Redevelopment after Miami’s Success Story

The focus of most panelists at ULI’s Latin America Conference, held in late October, was on the stronger markets, including Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile. There also was optimism about a turnaround in Brazil and Argentina’s most recent election.

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Survey Shows Millennials Are Optimistic about Housing and Staying in Washington, D.C.—for Now

While some analysts had worried that as millennials grew older they would settle down and raise their families outside of D.C., there seems to be little evidence of that happening yet, according to a new survey, conducted by Qualtrix on behalf of ULI Washington. Many millennials plan to stay inside the Beltway and are not necessarily worried about schools and day care because they are putting off having children, the survey shows.

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High-Tech Manufacturers Moving to Smaller Factories, Bigger Warehouses

Advanced manufacturing, which uses high levels of technology in addition to innovative materials and processes, is replacing traditional production in many locations and creating new industrial centers in others. A panel at ULI’s Fall Meeting addressed the changes in manufacturing and how they will affect urban centers.

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