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peterson_3x619Capital Markets

Taxes Lead the List of Federal Policies That Affect the U.S. Real Estate Industry

Banking and finance regulations—and government gridlock—are other top concerns voiced by survey respondents.

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ulx_1x800Planning & Design

ULX: 10 Next-Wave Mixed-Income Housing Projects

Ten new multifamily developments blend units for residents at a variety of income levels in or near urban cores.

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Charleston’s Mayor Looks Back on 40 Years of Progress

As he completes his tenth term as Charleston, South Carolina’s mayor—and his 40th year in office—Joseph P. Riley Jr. could speak only of all that he has left to do and how little time he has to do it.

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Seven Strategies for Making U.S. Housing More Affordable

As U.S. home prices have bounced back, activists, advocates, and community developers have struggled to make housing more affordable.

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Recent Articles

  • E-Commerce’s Global Impact Still Expanding

    February 13, 2015

    Global e-commerce titans, such as Google and Amazon and China’s Alibaba, are transforming customer expectations on product selection, convenience, and shopping experiences, which may lead to less demand for traditional retail real estate, Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, told attendees at ULI’s Midwinter Meeting in Paris last week.

  • 11 Strategies for Building Community with Affordable Housing

    The design quality of affordable housing can have a substantial positive effect on both residents and the surrounding community.

  • Can Melbourne Lower Its Average Temperature by 7 Degrees?

    February 2, 2015

    Six years after a deadly heat wave, Melbourne has adopted climate-change policies which include an initiative to do what might seem impossible: to reduce the central city’s average temperature by 7 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) by 2030.

  • Will Cutting FHA Premiums Boost Homeownership?

    January 26, 2015

    The big housing news of 2015 so far has been the Obama administration’s announcement that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) will reduce the annual premiums new borrowers pay for FHA-insured home mortgage loans by 50 basis points—a half percentage point. But what impact will that have on affordability?

  • Florida’s Economy Has Rebounded from Its Downward Slide

    January 23, 2015

    Ferris wheels, roller coasters, and the Florida economy—they are all famous for their ups and downs.

  • In 13 States, Land Banks Stabilizing Weakened Municipalities

    From 1971 to 2008, only five states passed legislation enabling land banks; but in the last six years, another eight have done so. As vacancies and blight have plagued parts of the United States still recovering from recession and the mortgage foreclosure crisis, so too has land banking grown. There are now some 120 land banks and land-banking programs in 13 states, with West Virginia joining the list in 2014.

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