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Destruction of the Rockaway Park boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy.Sustainability

An Unflinching Look at Flood Risk

The influence of climate change could offset the benefits of better data when governments map the areas at risk.

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Lobby of the W Hotel in Times Square. (© James Leynse/Corbis)Development

Industry Outlook for Hotel Development

Technology and changing travel habits are checking in as long-term guests.

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Evaluating California’s Transportation Metrics

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, promote multimodal transportation, and create a diversity of land uses, California has enacted a bill that will alter the way that transportation impacts are evaluated under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

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The Ripple Effects of Higher-Quality Housing

Through both evidence and anecdotes, panelists at the “How Housing Matters”conference provided further insight into the pivotal role that housing plays in people’s lives.

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Recent Articles

  • E-Commerce vs. Brick-and-Mortar Stores: Who’s Really Winning?

    November 7, 2014

    On the day that Target announced free shipping for all online orders placed during the 2014 holiday season, a 2014 ULI Fall Meeting panel discussed who is “really winning” market share in retail: brick-and-mortar or online stores? According to research presented by the panelists, the current situation is a win-win for both camps.

  • Denser Suburbs Drawing Homebuyers with Walkable Town Centers

    Master-planned communities and suburban models that once dominated homebuilding are shifting to include walkable, compact town centers.

  • Creating Healthier Food and Beverage Experiences in Retail

    At the ULI Fall Meeting, panelists discussed the shifting role of food and beverage offerings at retail centers. With more and more purchases occurring online, panelists explained how food has emerged as the big draw from Australia to New York City.

  • Three Case Studies Combining Office Development With Placemaking

    November 4, 2014

    As panelists demonstrated at the 2014 ULI Fall Meeting, owners and developers are generating new demand for office space by repositioning entire neighborhoods and developing new mixed-use buildings to meet the needs of office users.

  • Added Dimensionality in the Modern Workspace

    Prevailing modes of workplace organization have and continue to be upended by new enterprises, designers, and clients, according to panelists at the 2014 ULI Fall Meeting in New York City.

  • Housing and Health: From Research to Real Deals

    Panelists advocated for policies leading to healthier lives, built on a platform of affordable, green, and community-oriented housing at the 2014 ULI Fall Meeting in New York City.

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