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“Rate Risk” Tops Real Estate Issues for 2013

Interest and capitalization rate risk, shifting demand for health care, and the resurgence of capital markets are the top three risks to real estate for 2013, according to the Chicago-based Counselors of Real Estate (CRE).

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Shanghai Ranks First in ULI Mainland China Survey

Shanghai—China’s most populated city—moved up to score a first-place ranking for both investment and development prospects in Mainland China Real Estate Markets 2013: ULI Analysis of City Investment Prospects, a report released in early June at the ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Shanghai. The city had come in second to Chengdu in both categories for the last two years.

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Adapting to a New Realty: Inside This Year’s McCoy Symposium

ULI senior fellow Stephen Blank says attendeees of last week’s annual ULI/McCoy Symposium on Real Estate Finance said 2013 would be a year more to their liking and better than 2012. Participants said their companies were well positioned to benefit from shocks as well as volatility.

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Leisure Is a Focus of Riyadh’s Mall-Based Retail Development

New malls in the pipeline could force some existing facilities to upgrade their brands, parking, and recreation offerings.

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  • Larson CEO Summit Highlights Global Leadership Challenges

    February 29, 2012

    At the ULI CEO Summit, a select group of real estate leaders discussed what it will take to lead a real estate firm in the future. Highlights were a presentation on five crucibles for global change and “Stump the CEO.”

  • The Panama Canal Expansion and Impact on Industrial Real Estate

    November 29, 2011

    While some experts had proclaimed a major expansion of the Panama Canal to be a “game-changer,” a panel of specialists at the Urban Land Institute’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles last week reported that a combination of other factors will likely result in only moderate changes as a result of the canal’s expansion, possibly obscured by other, larger economic trends.

  • Riverside, California Pushes the Value of Redevelopment Agencies

    California cities are fighting back against state efforts to balance a $26 billion budget shortfall in part by eliminating redevelopment agencies. Cities are filing suit against the state, the governor, and legislators for forcing them to pay what some term a high ransom to preserve their redevelopment agencies. Read what the mayor of Riverside says redevelopment efforts contributed to his city.

  • China: Is This Time Different?

    November 25, 2011

    China’s real estate sector has a long track record of defying its naysayers. Land and property values have time and again faced down a raft of apocalyptic predictions as they broke one record after another. Pricing may have wobbled at times as credit dried up and speculators ran for the hills, only for sentiment to quickly reverse and lift the market to new highs. But is this time different?

  • Does Retail Have a Pulse?

    October 31, 2011

    How are retailers doing in the wake of the ongoing economic downturn? According to a panel of national large-format retailers convened during ULI’s 2011 Fall Meeting in Los Angeles, they’re doing better than some might expect—thanks to smaller and more efficient footprints, growing use of social media to reach their clientele, sophisticated branding, and a focus on customer service.

  • Sustainability Remains Strong in the Golden State

    October 12, 2011

    From skyscrapers to landscapers, from multifamily developments to retail emporiums, increased awareness of lower operating costs, added health benefits, and the competitive value of sustainability is driving increased demand for sustainable design in California. Read about some of the projects emphasizing sustainable design, and what professionals see as the future of the practice in the state.

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