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  • 07-15-16

    Video: The Hills at New York City’s Governors Island

    This month, Governors Island, the 172-acre (70 ha) island in the heart of New York Harbor, will open to the public for the first time its newest addition to the park, The Hills, with Fast Company calling it “an engineering marvel built for resiliency and recreation.”

  • 07-15-16

    Highlighting the Growth, Economic Opportunity in Walkable Urban Places

    New research shows that not only are walkable urban places (WalkUPs) in metropolitan areas ranging from New York City to Knoxville, Tennessee, on the rise nationally, but also the growing demand to locate in those areas is translating into significantly higher real estate rents.

  • 07-14-16

    Before It Runs Off

    With water becoming an increasingly valuable resource, more emphasis is being placed on capturing and retaining rainwater and graywater.

  • 07-14-16

    Buy the Seaside

    Developers around the world are enhancing their resorts with artificial water features, ranging from rivers to ski slopes. But coming up with unique attractions is an increasing challenge.

  • 07-11-16

    Radiating Resourcefulness

    A small Portland, Oregon, developer marshals a variety of resources to redevelop a city block with three creative office buildings fronting a city park.

  • 07-11-16

    Industry Outlook for Resilience

    How can we prepare for disasters and adverse events in ways that protect communities and enhance the built environment? Experts in resilience discuss efforts to protect communities from disaster, enhance recovery efforts, increase awareness about the value of incorporating resilience, and implement resilience projects that provide additional benefits to the community.

  • 07-11-16

    Freestanding Retail REITs Bring Stable Returns in Uncertain Times

    Strong returns and limited risk have been key factors in the success of freestanding retail REITs during 2016, with a 37.29 percent total return year to date. But as these REITs reach 52-week highs, is it time to buy, hold, or sell? Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 07-08-16

    26 Finalists for 2016 ULI Global Awards for Excellence Named

    Twenty-six extraordinary developments from around the globe have been selected as finalists in ULI’s 2016 Global Awards for Excellence. This year’s finalists include two in Asia, six in Europe, and 18 in North America.

  • 07-07-16

    MIT Group Imagines Sophisticated Solutions for High-Performing, Livable Cities

    One of two dozen research groups housed at MIT’s Media Lab, the Changing Places group is focused on developing new, more efficient, and creative mobility systems and ways of living and working in cities at a time when urban populations are growing, while the resources to sustain them are shrinking. Kent Larson leads the group and shared several of Changing Places’ projects during the closing keynote speech at the recent ULI Florida Summit in Miami.

  • 07-07-16

    The Power of Nice: Negotiating So That Everyone Wins

    Negotiators come out ahead by creating win-win deals that help build lasting relationships, said Ron Shapiro, speaking at this year’s ULI Washington Real Estate Trends Conference. Shapiro has previously worked as a top sports agent, lawyer, and businessman.