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  • 04-04-16

    Former Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. Named ULI Distinguished Visiting Fellow

    Joseph P. Riley Jr., who led the highly successful revitalization of Charleston, South Carolina, during his 40-year tenure as mayor, has agreed to serve as ULI’s first distinguished visiting fellow. As a distinguished visiting fellow, Riley will offer expertise for several of ULI’s areas of focus, including affordable and workforce housing, sustainable development, improving overall community livability, and public sector leadership in land use decision making.

  • 04-04-16

    In Print: Public Pensions and City Solvency

    A recent study concluded that unfunded liabilities total nearly $100 billion at the city level and nearly $1 trillion at the state level. As the first chapter of this book lays out, the total cost of U.S. pension shortfalls may exceed $4 trillion.

  • 04-01-16

    Historic Rehab: Philadelphia’s Navy Yard

    Home to retired Navy ships, pharmaceutical and tech companies—and even the makers of Tastykake—a historic rehab site can hardly be more varied.

  • 04-01-16

    Video: 10 Parks That Changed America

    PBS will broadcast a new documentary, 10 Parks That Changed America, on April 12th. Produced by WTTW in Chicago, the program identifies the 10 most influential urban parks in the country, from the era of America’s early settlers to the present day, ranging from the Squares of Savannah, Georgia, to the High Line of New York City.

  • March

  • 03-30-16

    The ULI 2015 Annual Report

    Discover how our members have advanced ULI’s mission and enhanced communities around the world.

  • 03-28-16

    Multimodal Transit Dials Down the Need for Cars in Cities

    Local and regional transportation planners often consider two distinct options—people driving to and from work, or people using mass transit. But the rise of shared transportation modes is rapidly changing that by creating new options for commuters, according to panelists at a recent conference sponsored by the Eno Center for Transportation, a Washington-based nonprofit charitable foundation seeking improvement in transportation and its public and private leadership.

  • 03-28-16

    Comcast Innovation and Technology Center: Philadelphia’s Tower of Tech Power

    The new Comcast Innovation and Technology Center will be more than just a signature skyscraper. Its vertical version of Silicon Valley could reshape how people think about tech campuses.

  • 03-28-16

    On an Abandoned Texas Airfield, a Mixed-Income Community Takes Off

    When the city leaders of Austin, Texas, decided in the late 1990s to move the local airport to a larger tract of land, they faced a vital question: How could the city best use the soon-to-be-abandoned 700 acres (283 ha) of prime land that lay just a few miles northeast of downtown?

  • 03-28-16

    Video: Baltimore Hosts First U.S. Light Festival

    Premiering this week, Light City Baltimore is the first large-scale, international “light festival” in the United States. Similar festivals have been held in Berlin, Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, and Sydney, Australia. Light City Baltimore provides a backdrop for the celebration of ideas, ingenuity and creativity through art, music and innovation.

  • 03-28-16

    Tourism Trends and the Impact on U.S. Hotels

    Lodging real estate investment trusts (REITs) had been coming back after a tough 2015, but travel-related stocks sank in the aftermath of the attacks in Belgium, especially for companies with an international presence. U.S. lodging sector fundamentals have been strong, creating concern about the extent to which further growth can be supported. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.