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  • 10-30-14

    Low Yields Driving More Investors into Property Markets

    Around the world, commercial real estate investors are tired of sky-high prices and low investor yields—but they keep on paying, said panelists at a Capital Markets keynote at the ULI Fall Meeting.

  • 10-30-14

    Next Wave of Resorts Are More Connected, More Urban

    Resorts and vacation homes—always the last real estate sector to recover from an economic downturn—are seeing increased activity, but developers are looking toward the future.

  • 10-29-14

    Brooklyn Renaissance: Transformation of an Outer Borough

    The borough’s notoriety may obscure the very practical origin of the borough’s resurgence, observed panelists at the ULI Fall Meeting. As Kathryn Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, commented, its cachet has been sudden, but the “roots have been decades in the making.”

  • 10-29-14

    Breathing New Life Into Three Outdated Shopping Centers

    Developers and architects discussed how they are breathing new life into three very different obsolete retail venues, all developed originally by the Rouse Company of Columbia, Maryland.

  • 10-28-14

    New York City’s Century of Growth

    At times, New York City has trailblazed urban solutions of astonishing foresight; at other times, it has had to be dragged to confronting urban exigencies by imminent disaster, said panelists at the ULI Fall Meeting. In either case, New York has been in a constant state of innovation and remaking over the last century.

  • 10-28-14

    Challenges and Opportunities for Crowdfunding

    The nascent, fast-growing phenomenon of crowdfunding in real estate financing hasn’t yet scratched the surface of its potential, according to participants in a panel at ULI’s 2014 Fall Meeting in New York City.

  • 10-27-14

    Monday’s Numbers: October 27, 2014

    The Trepp survey for the week ending October 24, 2014, showed average spreads basically unchanged, with the implied rate for ten-year, modestly leveraged commercial real estate mortgages equaling 3.64 percent—100 basis points lower than year-end 2013.

  • 10-24-14

    Isaacson Says Digital Revolution Brings Urban Renaissance

    In an address that concluded this year’s ULI Fall Meeting in New York City, author and journalist Walter Isaacson extolled the importance of the urban built space in fostering creativity and technological progress.

  • 10-24-14

    Leadership Lessons at the ULI Fall Meeting

    It isn’t every day that emerging leaders in the global real estate industry get to mingle with a baker’s dozen of established leaders—including ULI trustees, governors, and other senior members—and maybe even find a lifelong mentor.

  • 10-24-14

    The New Volatility of Water Supply

    Escalating climate change poses a paradoxical dilemma when it comes to water, according to speakers in a panel on the subject at the 2014 ULI Fall Meeting in New York City.