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  • 01-23-17

    ULI Europe: Shoppers Want Food, Beverage, and Leisure

    A new report from ULI Europe and JLL finds that food and beverage (F&B) and leisure offerings are essential to the success and future competitiveness of shopping centers. The report finds that retail sales in a sample of shopping centers analyzed for the study increased by 6.2 percent in the previous 12 months with the addition of leisure and F&B, with retail sales per square meter growing by 1.2 percent over the same period.

  • 01-23-17

    Can Hotel REITs Capitalize on a Banner 2016?

    Capitalizing on a strong fourth quarter, hotel real estate investment trusts posted a healthy 25 percent total return for the year. However, hotel consulting firm STR is expecting 2.8 percent RevPAR growth this year, which would be the lowest since 2009. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 01-23-17

    Industry Outlook for Shopping Centers

    How are shopping centers adapting to the new retail landscape? Experts from ULI’s Commercial and Retail Development Councils discuss the future of shopping malls, changing consumer preferences, strategies for replacing vacant department store buildings, the challenges of adding nonretail uses to malls, competition from online retailers, and other trends.

  • 01-23-17

    Rethinking Public Housing in Mexico

    Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design recently released a report examining how urban planning and design interventions can help improve housing and urban development practice in Mexico, including densifying existing population centers with infill development and retrofitting infrastructure and services in areas where existing homes have been abandoned.

  • 01-17-17

    The Evolution of Modern Architecture, Engineering, and Design Firms

    They face common challenges managing technology, attracting talent—and making the transition to a new generation of leadership.

  • 01-17-17

    Can Apartment REITs Turn It Around in 2017?

    Supply is the name of the game with the apartment sector, which uncharacteristically underperformed through 2016. The sector, which has been a perennial leader in recent years, posted a flat 2.86 percent total return for the year, a stark contrast with its more than 50 percent rise during 2014 and 2015. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 01-17-17

    Northwestern Small Blocks: The History and Rationale Behind an Urban Model

    The scale of Portland’s and Vancouver’s small blocks sets patterns that solve multiple development problems and can be a contemporary model for developing urbane, walkable, and sustainable communities.

  • 01-17-17

    Video: How Seattle Is Growing into a Great Transit City

    Seattle is one of the fastest-growing cities in America, and the city is making bold investments to ensure most residents live within walking distance of frequent transit, according to a new video produced by StreetFilms and TransitCenter.

  • 01-17-17

    Leveraging Real Estate to Achieve Climate Goals

    Practical strategies for owners, operators, and tenants who want to lighten their carbon footprint—and boost their bottom line.

  • 01-15-17

    Robust Job Growth Driving Development in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic

    What’s to come in real estate development in Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware?