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  • 09-02-14

    Giving Generations What They Want

    Housing that truly accommodates the needs of multiple generations living under one roof and that promotes interaction among them is a niche far from being filled, W. Aaron Conley, president and managing principal of Third Act Solutions, said during a ULI Terwilliger Center on Housing webinar in June.

  • 09-02-14

    Access versus Ownership

    How public and private can work together to provide more options–and, ultimately, an integrated transportation system.

  • August

  • 08-29-14

    Fascitelli to Be Honored at Fall Meeting Gala

    The ULI Foundation will honor ULI Foundation Governor Michael D. ­Fascitelli at an October 20 dinner gala preceding the 2014 ULI Fall Meeting.

  • 08-25-14

    Monday’s Numbers: August 25, 2014

    The Trepp survey for the week ending August 15, 2014, showed average spreads coming in an average of 2 basis points. The implied rate for ten-year, modestly leveraged commercial real estate mortgages decreased to 373 basis points on the back of a 10-basis-point decrease in ten-year Treasuries.

  • 08-25-14

    Making Space for More Tech Firms in New York City

    As New York City’s burgeoning tech economy continues to grow, startups face the same challenges for office space they would anywhere else—but have the added challenge of Manhattan-level price tags, vying for space with law firms, banks, and other well-financed tenants.

  • 08-25-14

    Rebuilding by Design: The Art of Resilience

    After Superstorm Sandy ravaged the New York Metropolitan Area, an innovative federal program challenged design teams to weave resilience into the urban landscape.

  • 08-25-14

    Policy Perspective: A New Regional Model for Resilience

    Through its innovative spirit, Rebuild by Design has established a new governmental tool for promoting resilience and demonstrates that regional concerns should inform development, design, and public policy.

  • 08-21-14

    ULI Endorses Urban Street Design Guide from NACTO

    The Urban Land Institute has endorsed the Urban Street Design Guide, published last year by the National Association of City Transportation Officials. The guide embraces the unique and complex challenge of designing urban streets, aiming to make streets safe for people whether they are walking, biking, using transit, or driving.

  • 08-21-14

    Bringing Keycard Technology to Smartphones

    This past July, a company called Kisi took the grand prize at a “Hacker Challenge” for real estate–based apps sponsored by RETechNYC, an advisory firm, and ULI New York.

  • 08-18-14

    ULI Global Awards for Excellence: D-Cube City, Seoul, South Korea

    Located in the capital city of Seoul, South Korea, D-Cube City represents a significant new model for urban renewal and smart density, as well as mixed-use, transit-oriented development.