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  • 11-13-15

    Planning a Greener, Authentic Future for Brisbane

    Lord Mayor Graham Quirk of the city of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia spoke recently at a ULI Young Leaders Group networking event at Brisbane City Hall, giving a broad outline of the Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan—the planning blueprint for the city in the next seven years.

  • 11-13-15

    Vancouver and Toronto Are Top Canadian Markets for 2016

    According to the latest Emerging Trends in Real Estate report, published by ULI and PwC, Vancouver and Toronto claimed the top rankings for investment potential in Canada, placing at number one and two, respectively.

  • 11-13-15

    Net-Zero-Energy Buildings Setting High Bar for Sustainability

    Net-zero-energy (NZE) buildings were the focus at a recent conference in California, a state that has mandated that all new commercial buildings must be net-zero energy by 2030, and 50 percent of the existing commercial structures must be retrofitted.

  • 11-12-15

    Four Mayors Selected as 2016 Daniel Rose Fellows

    ULI and the National League of Cities have announced that mayors from four cities—Birmingham, Alabama; Denver; Long Beach, California; and Rochester, New York—have been selected as the 2016 class of Daniel Rose Fellows by the Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use.

  • 11-09-15

    ULX: The Eclectic Tech Workplace

    Ten high-tech companies are redefining the workplace. The following projects include adapted textile factory buildings and liquor distribution warehouses, workplaces with amphitheaters and secret rooms, and a net-zero-energy structure.

  • 11-09-15

    REITs Get Treats, Not Tricks, in October

    U.S. markets rebounded in October, posting their best monthly performance in four years. Real estate investment trusts also posted strong returns that offset losses from earlier in the year, with the FTSE NAREIT All Equity REIT average gaining 6.47 percent. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 11-09-15

    Putting Developers’ Environmental Impact to a Vote in California

    Last year, the California Supreme Court ruled that a project proposed through the citizen initiative process and subsequently approved by a council—without a public vote—was exempt from a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review, overturning a lower court decision. Now, a project can potentially avoid months of costly CEQA-related delays if a developer raises enough signatures for an initiative and the council or board simply ratifies the project.

  • 11-05-15

    In Print: Everything in Its Place: Entrepreneurship and the Strategic Management of Cities, Regions, and States

    David Audretsch is an unabashed advocate of place-based economic entrepreneurship. A distinguished professor and director of the Development Studies Institute at Indiana University, Audretsch argues that the economic performance of places (especially cities and regions) matters as much as that of commercial firms and industries.

  • 11-05-15

    Survey Shows Millennials Are Optimistic about Housing and Staying in Washington, D.C.—for Now

    While some analysts had worried that as millennials grew older they would settle down and raise their families outside of D.C., there seems to be little evidence of that happening yet, according to a new survey, conducted by Qualtrix on behalf of ULI Washington. Many millennials plan to stay inside the Beltway and are not necessarily worried about schools and day care because they are putting off having children, the survey shows.

  • 11-04-15

    Philadelphia to Host ULI’s 2016 Spring Meeting

    ULI will hold its 2016 Spring Meeting April 19–21 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, open only to full members. A major focus for the 2016 gathering will be innovation, transformative place making, and the entrepreneurial culture taking root in cities across the United States. Philadelphia, which has not hosted a major ULI event in more than 20 years, is a prime example of this urban evolution.