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  • 04-26-16

    Distinguishing Signal from Noise as Use of Big Data Grows

    While the use of big data is increasing in many industries, Nate Silver, founder and editor-in-chief of FiveThirtyEight, told attendees at the recent ULI Spring Meeting, “When you have more data, you have more opportunities to be wrong.”

  • 04-25-16

    U.S. Housing Policy Largely Absent from Political Discussion

    The United States is undergoing its worst housing affordability crisis in 45 years, said Ron Terwilliger, chairman of the ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing, at the 2016 ULI Spring Meeting in Philadelphia.

  • 04-25-16

    Roger Staubach to Headline ULI Fall Meeting in Dallas

    Preparations are already underway in Dallas for the 2016 ULI Fall Meeting, which the city will host October 24–27. A high-profile session will feature Roger Staubach, executive chairman of JLL Americas and former Dallas Cowboys star quarterback, who forged a highly successful career in real estate following his retirement from the National Football League in 1980.

  • 04-25-16

    Master-Planned Communities Look to Innovative Future

    Developers of master-planned communities (MPCs) must innovate to remain relevant, said Kathleen B. Cecilian, a ULI governor and chief executive officer (CEO) of Flemington, New Jersey–based marketing firm Cecilian Worldwide, speaking at the 2016 ULI Spring Meeting. “There are innovators in each of your companies who should stimulate discussions about the future of MPCs,” she said.

  • 04-25-16

    West Philadelphia’s Success Story Shows Economic Power of Innovation

    Over the past half-century, west Philadelphia’s University City district—located across the Schuylkill River from Center City—has morphed from a blighted urban neighborhood into a thriving mixed-use hub for higher education, health care, and tech startups. In the process, it has become a template for other old industrial cities striving to remake themselves, said panelists speaking at the ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 04-25-16

    Trail-Oriented Development: The Next Frontier in People-Friendly Design

    Real estate developers and cities are becoming more responsive to cyclists’ needs by creating an increasing number of amenities tailored to those who would rather bike than drive. A new ULI publication, Active Transportation and Real Estate: The Next Frontier, identifies this trend as “trail-oriented development,” the latest phase in the evolution of urban development from car-centric to people-friendly design.

  • 04-25-16

    Adding Value for Multifamily as Financing Begins to Tighten

    As financing for real estate development tightens, institutional equity investors are becoming more selective in their funding, and developers are exploring new market segments such as the over-70 sector, said panelists speaking at the 2016 ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 04-25-16

    ULI Report: How Six Smaller Communities Are Building for the Future

    The ability of smaller communities to leverage their strengths and position themselves as attractive places to live, work, and invest is explored in a new ULI publication, Reaching for the Future: Creative Finance for Smaller Communities.

  • 04-22-16

    Developers Seeing Value in Shared Communal Spaces

    Concepts like cohousing and similar models of development are poorly understood oddities or pigeonholed as student housing.

  • 04-22-16

    Vanguard’s McNabb Sees “Continued Muted Growth” in U.S. Economy

    The U.S. economy remains in good shape with steady, if unspectacular, growth, the head of one of the world’s largest investment management companies said at the opening of the general session at ULI’s Spring Meeting in Philadelphia.