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  • 07-06-16

    Ranking the Most Transparent Markets for Global Real Estate Investors

    Transparency in the global real estate sector has improved markedly, according to a recent report produced by JLL and LaSalle Investment Management, with the ten most transparent countries taking 75 percent of global investment volumes.

  • 07-05-16

    REITs Outperforming Broader Markets in 2016

    The total FTSE NAREIT All REIT Index return gained 6.68 percent in June, bringing the total return for the first half of 2016 to 13.65 percent. Freestanding retail, single-family home, data center, manufactured home, and infrastructure REITs posted double-digit gains during the month while timber lagged. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • June

  • 06-30-16

    Four Concepts Reimagining the Future of Modern Memorials

    The competition was intended to “reimagine how we think about, feel, and experience memorials,” eliciting entries that both aim to fill in topics and themes that have not been commemorated and to anticipate those that might merit future attention.

  • 06-29-16

    Harvard Study Finds U.S. Rental Affordability in Crisis Despite Housing Recovery

    While the U.S. rental market has continued to expand, the markets for single-family houses and condominiums is still recovering. Affordability is an acute problem in both, according to the findings of the latest State of the Nation’s Housing report, issued by Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.

  • 06-29-16

    U.S. Hotel Industry Bracing for a Slower Year

    After years of steady growth, the hotel industry is bracing for a tough year. “Growth and revenue are slowing down,” Bruce Baltin, managing director of CBRE Hotels, told executives and experts gathered for ULI’s “Hotel and Resort Development: Next Wave of Innovation” conference in La Costa, California, held in June. “It’s hit a peak. We think we’re at a plateau.”

  • 06-29-16

    What’s Working and What’s Not as Generational Shift Hits Hospitality Sector

    The long-predicted generational shift in the hotel industry is starting to happen, according to speakers at ULI’s recent “Hotel and Resort Development: Next Wave of Innovation” conference in La Costa, California. Baby boomers are growing older and millennials are developing as a buying group, forcing developers and operators to rethink developments. Everyone is racing to determine what works—and what doesn’t—as projects look to adjust to the latest trends, speakers said.

  • 06-28-16

    Food Adds Flavor (and Value) to Real Estate: “Agrihoods” and Other Food-based Concepts

    Homebuyers and developers have developed an appetite for more food-based amenities, said panelists speaking at a recent ULI Food & Real Estate Forum. “One of the hottest trends in new home development is incorporating agriculture … communities that include working farms are popping up all over the country,” says Sarene Marshall, executive director of the ULI Center for Sustainability.

  • 06-27-16

    In Print: America’s Urban Future: Lessons from North of the Border

    According to authors Ray Tomalty and Alan Mallach, U.S. cities should look to Canada for ways to make our urban areas more livable and sustainable.

  • 06-27-16

    Global Awards for Excellence: 12th Avenue Arts, Seattle, Washington

    The development of 12th Avenue Arts transformed a 29,000-square-foot (2,700 sq m) surface parking lot into a light-filled cultural center mixing arts, housing, and public-safety needs. The activation of this specific plot of land had been mentioned in two neighborhood plans over the last 12 years as the highest community priority.

  • 06-27-16

    Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

    In his recently released book, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City, sociologist and 2016 MacArthur Fellow Matthew Desmond explores life for low-income renters and their landlords in two high-poverty Milwaukee communities. How Housing Matters spoke with Desmond about his research and its implications for housing policy.