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  • 05-18-15

    The Evolving Preferences of Millennials

    Generation Y’s needs, preferences, and desires will have a huge impact on almost every facet of the American economy, said panelists at the ULI Spring Meeting.

  • 05-15-15

    Mayors Talk about Role of Technology, Uber in Smarter Cities

    In a discussion between four mayors and former mayors including Seattle, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and South Bay, Florida, participants identified multiple trends that pose difficult challenges for city governments—but which also potentially provide opportunities.

  • 05-14-15

    Funding the Next Wave of Key Transportation Projects

    Increasingly, it is the ability—and willingness—of state and local governments to pay the ongoing cost of operation and maintaining new transportation projects that dictates whether capital will be invested in the infrastructure itself, according to a panel of experts at the ULI Spring Meeting in Houston.

  • 05-14-15

    Numbers Don’t Add Up Yet on Widespread Net-Zero Buildings

    Driven by increasing demand from tenants and investors, real estate developers and owners of all sizes are beginning to make significant, tangible strides in embracing energy-efficient, sustainable buildings for the future.

  • 05-14-15

    Malone, Peiser Share 2015 Apgar Urban Land Award

    ULI has announced the winner of the 2015 ULI Apgar Urban Land Award, written by Dan Malone and Richard Peiser. Their article, “The Making of Miami Beach’s Mixed-Use Garage,” was published in the September 2014 issue of the magazine.

  • 05-14-15

    Pairing Business Discipline with Philanthropy in Houston

    Public/private partnerships have helped drive Houston’s transformation in recent years. But in order for that formula to succeed, energy industry entrepreneur and civic philanthropist Richard “Rich” Kinder warns that it is essential for private donors to show the same sort of toughness and financial savvy that helped them make their business fortunes.

  • 05-13-15

    Despite Economic Setbacks, Millennials Still Aspire to American Dream

    New research sponsored by UDR Inc. and published by ULI shows that 26 percent of gen Yers currently own homes and virtually all expect to own a home eventually.

  • 05-11-15

    Is India the Next Emerging Market for REITs?

    The real estate investment trust market in India took an important step forward when Finance Minister Arun Jaitley stated that India’s minimum alternative tax will apply to REITs only when an actual transfer of units occurs. The lack of clarity on whether REITs are subject to MAT, as well as to a dividend distribution tax, are two of the factors that have prevented formation. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 05-08-15

    Making the Economic Case for More Walkability

    In an Urban Land opinion piece, Mariela Alfonzo, founder of State of Place, argues for the economic development potential for walkability in places like Houston.

  • 05-07-15

    Tenant Star Legislation Embraces Voluntary Benchmarking

    Nearly four years in the making, a new federal law authorizes the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to jointly create a voluntary Tenant Star program aimed at providing national recognition to tenants who design, construct, and operate highly energy-efficient leased spaces in commercial buildings.