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  • 10-12-15

    Planning for the Next Generation of Leadership in Real Estate

    A 2015 ULI Fall Meeting session organized by the ULI Next initiative explored the meaning of leadership in mature companies, where success is not just about transactions but about building the business platform amid generational, cultural, and technological changes.

  • 10-09-15

    Adapting to the Needs of the Innovation Economy

    The real estate industry must adapt to the complex needs of innovative firms, according to Technology, Real Estate, and the Innovation Economy, a new report published by the Urban Land Institute in collaboration with Oslo Metropolitan Area.

  • 10-09-15

    ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing Announces Award Winners

    The ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing has named one development and two programs as winners of the annual ULI Housing Awards.

  • 10-09-15

    Two Parks Tapped for ULI’s Urban Open Space Award

    Two urban parks—one in Oklahoma City, the other in Foshan, China—have been selected as winners of this year’s Urban Land Institute Urban Open Space Award.

  • 10-09-15

    San Francisco’s Benchmarking Shows Major Reduction in Energy Use by Buildings

    Energy consumption by commercial properties in San Francisco has declined significantly since 2010 after the implementation of San Francisco’s Existing Commercial Buildings Energy Performance Ordinance, according to a new report released by the ULI Greenprint Center for Building Performance.

  • 10-07-15

    Governor Brown Calls for Denser Development, Better Infrastructure

    Speaking at the ULI Fall Meeting, California’s Governor Brown sounded stern warnings that California’s much-touted recovery is sure to end and that the state will have to make tough decisions on climate change, development, and infrastructure.

  • 10-07-15

    San Francisco Fed President Cites Concern over Real Estate Prices

    By most measures, the U.S. economy remains strong, and the Federal Reserve is likely to begin increasing interest rates before the end of the year, John C. Williams, president of the San Francisco Federal Reserve, told ULI Trustees and Foundation Governors.

  • 10-07-15

    Spurring Women’s Advancement in Real Estate

    Women account for only 14 percent of CEOs in the real estate sector and tend to run smaller companies, according to research published by the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative.

  • 10-07-15

    Real Returns for Investing in Resilience

    As climate change poses greater financial risks to real estate in the form of near-term extreme weather events and longer-term impacts like sea-level rise, developers and owners are increasingly investing in new infrastructure and technologies, innovative design and construction methods, and other resilience strategies not only to protect their properties, but also to create value for their developments, according to Returns on Resilience: The Business Case, released by the Urban Land Institute.

  • 10-07-15

    ULI Report: Bay Area at Risk of Losing Millennials Due to Housing Costs, Quality of Life Concerns

    A new report from the Urban Land Institute, Bay Area in 2015, suggests that the San Francisco metropolitan region is at risk of losing millennials in the years ahead because high housing costs are making them increasingly skeptical about their ability to eventually move into homes in neighborhoods with the high livability attributes they desire.