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  • 10-11-16

    Excerpt: The Well-Tempered City

    In his new book, Rose uses a metaphor from classical music to explain how cities can achieve harmony among competing needs and interests.

  • 10-11-16

    Growing Value through Creative Placemaking

    When art and cultural features take center stage in development, benefits accrue to the whole community.

  • 10-10-16

    REIT’s Struggle Continues in September

    Real estate investment trusts posted a second consecutive month of negative total returns, causing investor concern about interest rates and underlying valuations. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 10-10-16

    Downtown Dallas: A Turnaround Built on Parks, Arts, and People

    Converting offices to residences—and creating valuable parkland—helped lure people and development back to the urban core.

  • 10-07-16

    How Cities Are Using Technology to Close the Digital Divide

    Some gaps remain in the access to and availability of technology in parts of U.S. cities, and ULI’s recent J.C. Nichols Forum highlighted some newer and emerging tech applications to bridge the digital divide.

  • 10-07-16

    CEO Perspective: Land Use for Healthy Living

    The New York Times recently published an interesting article on the popularity of Washington, D.C., as an “ideal place to grow older,” citing such senior-friendly assets as easy walkability and a prevalence of community gardens doing double duty as sources of fresh food and places to socialize.

  • 10-06-16

    Creekside Campus: The Perot Companies’ New Headquarters in Dallas

    Instead of going big on an urban site targeted for high-rise development, the prominent Dallas company kept its new buildings in the trees—and connected to the city.

  • 10-03-16

    Mayors of 18-Hour Cities See Opportunity in Authenticity, Differentiation

    The middle tier of U.S. cities—places like Kansas City, Missouri—may have lower populations, fewer cultural offerings, and less cosmopolitan flair than bigger cities, but they also have their own advantages over the behemoths.

  • 10-03-16

    Rerouting the Trinity River

    Fort Worth’s bold plan of dredging channels and tearing down levies would enhance flood control, connect people with the waterfront—and double the amount of land in the city’s downtown.

  • 10-03-16

    Nichols Prize Laureates Highlight Ongoing Need for Housing in Cities around the World

    While cities around the world face many challenges, they also play a role in providing economic opportunity and bringing people of different backgrounds together. “Communities succeed best when they’re diverse,” said Peter Calthorpe, an award-winning San Francisco–based architect and pioneer of sustainable urban design globally who was awarded the Nichols Prize in 2006, speaking at the ULI Nichols Forum in Kansas City, Missouri.