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  • 03-05-14

    In Print: Landscape Urbanism and Its Discontents: Dissimulating the Sustainable City

    This lively book describes a design war raging between the supporters of new urbanism and backers of landscape urbanism.

  • 03-03-14

    Medical Facilities in the Age of Obamacare

    When President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law nearly four years ago, he said it would revolutionize medical care and the medical industry itself.

  • 03-03-14

    Monday’s Numbers: March 3, 2014

    Are we back where we started? The most recent Real Estate Research Corporation survey shows investment metrics near where they were at the height of the last decade.

  • February

  • 02-28-14

    New Ideas for Walking and Biking in U.S. Transportation Programs

    With the major U.S. federal transportation law, 2012’s MAP-21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century), expiring this October 1, activity is gearing up to decide what is next for the nation’s streets, highways, and transit systems. The biggest headache will be funding. Federal taxes on motor fuels are failing to generate enough revenue to maintain even current spending levels.

  • 02-27-14

    Outlook: How Will the Affordable Care Act Affect Real Estate?

    Health care real estate experts discuss the need for more outpatient facilities, the pros and cons of new construction versus adaptive use, the issues related to obtaining financing, the impact of new technologies, and other trends.

  • 02-27-14

    Walmart Goes Urban and Smaller

    Compared with the old gray-blue box that has saturated suburban and small-town America, the new urban Walmarts in Washington, D.C., are a remarkable departure.

  • 02-27-14

    In Print: Snob Zones: Fear, Prejudice, and Real Estate

    From the Kennedys to the Kochs, the rich and powerful have been fighting to keep a massive wind farm from being built off the coast of Cape Cod. This is a perfect case for Lisa Prevost’s Snob Zones, a book that examines land use conflicts in the change-resistant small towns and suburbs of New England.

  • 02-27-14

    Embracing the Street: Policies Aimed at Transportation Safety Help Land Development

    No one wants an unsafe, uninviting street. So why has this been so difficult to change? And in places where people have successfully initiated change, what are they doing differently?

  • 02-24-14

    What Happens When Liquidity Runs Dry?

    What happens when the Federal Reserve Bank fully tapers off its massive liquidity support for the economy and the capital markets, including real estate—and when is it likely to occur—were major questions discussed at the 20th annual ULI McCoy Finance Seminar in New York City in December.

  • 02-24-14

    Monday’s Numbers: February 24, 2014

    According to the latest sentiment index survey by the Real Estate Roundtable, industry confidence is up modestly quarter over quarter, with policy headwinds remaining in a gridlocked Washington, D.C.