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  • 08-01-16

    In Print: The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure

    The word infrastructure, which originated during the 1920s, was unusual enough to still appear in quotation marks in the Wall Street Journal as late as the 1980s. Henry Petroski’s The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure is an exhaustive tour of the tremendous variety of built works encompassed by the term.

  • 08-01-16

    Early Earnings News for REITs Mostly Positive

    Midyear earnings season is getting underway, and news from large real estate investment trusts has been mostly positive, but mixed. REITs have benefited from strong underlying real estate market fundamentals and ongoing low interest rates, although new supply is becoming a concern for some product types in selected markets. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • July

  • 07-27-16

    From Suburban Office Park to a New Downtown in Florida

    A father/daughter development team is transforming an office park into a downtown for the city of Doral in the Miami suburbs.

  • 07-25-16

    Brexit Helps Boost U.S. Office REIT Performance in July

    The June Brexit referendum is lending momentum to the office REIT sector. Brexit will keep U.S. interest rates very low for longer, making REIT yields more attractive and providing inexpensive capital for expansion. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 07-25-16

    ULI Case Study: Sofia Lofts, San Diego

    A central courtyard—and a mix of unit sizes—create community on a small site.

  • 07-22-16

    Solving Two Problems: Converting Unused Office Space to Residential

    A resurgence of office-to-residential conversions is happening in markets around the world. What conditions are necessary to make it work?

  • 07-20-16

    What Urbanizing Cities across the Globe Can Learn from Foshan

    The city of Foshan lies at the heart of one of China’s most fertile deltas, across the Pearl River from the Guangdong provincial capital of Guangzhou. With 7.3 million people and a gross domestic product topping US$100 billion, Foshan serves as an exemplar of both the achievements of and challenges faced by China’s emerging metropolitan areas. Yet, with all its success, Foshan faces the same challenges as most cities around the world—attracting and retaining talent.

  • 07-18-16

    Commercial Real Estate’s Slow-Motion Slowdown: E-Commerce and Other Disruptors of the Seven-Year Boom

    Fueled by cheap money, low levels of new construction (except for apartments), and modestly improving demand, commercial real estate values have more than doubled from their financial-crisis lows of 2009. Nevertheless, prices are leveling off as investors have become concerned that the period of extraordinarily low interest rates may soon be coming to an end.

  • 07-18-16

    From the Slots to the Stables: Specialty REITs Outperforming

    What do billboards, prisons, casinos, schools, farmland, and document storage have in common? Real estate investment trusts (REITs) in these disparate businesses comprise NAREIT’s specialty REIT category, one of the best-performing sectors this year. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 07-15-16

    Video: The Hills at New York City’s Governors Island

    This month, Governors Island, the 172-acre (70 ha) island in the heart of New York Harbor, will open to the public for the first time its newest addition to the park, The Hills, with Fast Company calling it “an engineering marvel built for resiliency and recreation.”