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  • 07-07-15

    Time Lapse: A 57-Story Tower Built in 19 Days in China

    On the outskirts of Changsha in southern China stands a new tower. At a mere 204 meters (669 feet) it’s less than a third of the height of Shanghai’s tallest, but a time-lapse video by the BBC shows it shooting up at the rate of three floors per day.

  • 07-06-15

    ULX: 10 New Projects by High-Profile Designers

    The following ten projects by internationally known architecture firms—all completed during the past five years—include buildings that create and shape public open space, fitting inventively into neighborhoods and historic contexts without dominating them.

  • 07-06-15

    First Over the Bridj

    What happens when a self-proclaimed urban-innovation “nerd” takes a new ride-sharing service for a spin?

  • 07-06-15

    Digital Sales Driving Shifts in Requirements for Physical Space

    Midmarket hotels, traditional office space, and even high street retail are among the forms of real estate that will have the “lowest possible value in the future” because of shifting tastes and land-use patterns, according to the chief executive officer of a leading think tank at the ULI Real Estate Trends Conference 2015 in London.

  • 07-06-15

    Overcoming the Resistance to More Density

    Speaking at ULI Europe’s Real Estate Trends Conference, ULI senior fellow Greg Clark drew attention to the “long memory” for failed density projects across the globe. “If Europe is to retain economic strength, it is necessary to unlock these issues,” he warned.

  • 07-06-15

    ULI Announces New Global Chairman

    Randall K. Rowe, chairman of Green Courte Partners LLC, a Chicago-based private equity real estate investment firm, has been named the new global chairman of the Urban Land Institute (ULI). As chairman, Rowe will focus on three areas: strengthening the Institute’s capacity for knowledge sharing throughout all its member-to-member networks; ensuring that ULI’s core programs have a steady source of funding; and growing the organization globally.

  • 07-06-15

    ULI Report Looks at Sea-Level Rise in the Bay Area

    ULI San Francisco has released a report titled Tackling Sea-Level Rise: Best Practices in the San Francisco Bay Area based on a yearlong research effort. The report aims to help Bay Area governments, developers, landowners, and others to plan appropriately for sea-level rise, which the Bay Conservation and Development Commission estimates could inundate potentially 280 square miles (725 sq km) of property by 2050.

  • 07-01-15

    Quantifying the U.S. Housing Crisis

    The newly founded J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families launched in June with the release of an investigative housing report, focused on the post–Great Recession housing market in the United States.

  • 07-01-15

    Walkable Downtowns Drawing Companies and Talent

    Suburban office parks, which developed and spread far and wide as businesses left American cities, are now losing ground to those same cities, according to a new report by Smart Growth America.

  • June

  • 06-29-15

    Understanding the Benefits and Costs of World-Class High-Speed Rail

    The chairman of the UK’s High Speed 2 transport project says that one of his “major challenges” in managing the multibillion-pound north–south rail link is to convince the public of its benefits, speaking at ULI Europe’s Real Estate Trends Conference in London.