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  • 07-23-15

    Building Up Community, One School at a Time

    It requires strong partnerships among school districts, the community, and developers to place improved schools at the heart of a new development.

  • 07-23-15

    Four Themes of ULI’s Butcher Forum on Multifamily Housing

    More than 30 of the nation’s leading multifamily developers, owners, and capital providers gathered in May to discuss issues facing the industry at the 2nd annual ULI/Carolyn and Preston Butcher Forum on Multifamily Housing in Houston, Texas, with four key themes emerging.

  • 07-23-15

    Views on the Passive House Standard from Two Continents

    The Passive House standard created by Passivhaus Institut of Germany is the latest, toughest standard in sustainable design. Owners and developers around the world have certified Passive House buildings, including U.K. property giant Grosvenor. In the United States, developers are now building hundreds of new units of housing to meet the Passive House standards in states like New York and Pennsylvania.

  • 07-20-15

    U.S. Retail Environment Weighs on REITs

    Mixed economic news is weighing on retail markets, pushing real estate investment trust (REIT) performance down. Within the retail REIT sector, regional malls, prized for stability as a core property type, have posted the best year to date returns (–1.92 percent), while shopping centers posted a return of –2.94 percent. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 07-20-15

    Developing Resilient Waterfront Blocks

    Boston architects propose an elevated, connected network of buildings and services that would allow the land beneath to flood without destroying the community.

  • 07-20-15

    From Clicks to Bricks: L.L.Bean’s Embrace of Omnichannel Retail

    Not long ago, it seemed as if e-commerce would make brick-and-mortar retail as obsolete as rotary telephones. Instead, catalog and web retailer L.L.Bean is leading a wave of businesses that are building physical storefronts to drive their online trade.

  • 07-20-15

    The Twin Cities’ Affordable Appeal Is Increasingly at Risk

    Population growth and a market playing catch-up to meet pent-up demand threaten the region’s affordability, according to a panel of mayors from the Twin Cities that kicked off the 2015 ULI Housing Opportunity Conference in Minneapolis.

  • 07-20-15

    Designing for Dignity: Viewing Design as a Social Tool

    Designing more human-centered communities requires “moving beyond intentions of what we hope to create to finding ways to actually engage with people [in order] to get there,” said designer and architect Liz Ogbu, speaking at ULI’s Housing Opportunity Conference in Minneapolis last week.

  • 07-20-15

    Cisneros: Change Is the Constant in Urban Revitalization

    For the first time in history, more people are living in urban centers than in rural areas. “It is an amazing thing that is happening around the world,” said Henry G. Cisneros, founder and chairman of CityView, a developer and investment management firm focused on urban residential real estate in the western United States. The former secretary of U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said, “The jury is still out on how this plays [out], but we do know where people are going to be. They are going to be in these urban settings, and they are going to be very powerful places.”

  • 07-17-15

    Video: Can Redesigned Corner Stores Make Us Crave Healthier Foods

    Healthy Retail SF is a program designed to help retailers in high-poverty neighborhoods in the Bay Area transform their markets into places that offer a variety of affordable and healthy food options.