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  • 02-13-15

    E-Commerce’s Global Impact Still Expanding

    Global e-commerce titans, such as Google and Amazon and China’s Alibaba, are transforming customer expectations on product selection, convenience, and shopping experiences, which may lead to less demand for traditional retail real estate, Jim Tompkins, CEO of Tompkins International, told attendees at ULI’s Midwinter Meeting in Paris last week.

  • 02-13-15

    11 Strategies for Building Community with Affordable Housing

    The design quality of affordable housing can have a substantial positive effect on both residents and the surrounding community.

  • 02-13-15

    In Print: Leading for the Long Term

    In any industry—especially one as cyclical as real estate—the test of a leader comes not when things are going well, but over the long haul, as the leader perseveres through the inevitable downturns.

  • 02-09-15

    Disruptive Tech Firms Value Place Making

    Providers of shared office space such as WeWork are beginning to disrupt the need for traditional office space, Peter Victor, senior management director and head of the international desk, EMEA, at Cushman and Wakefield, said at the ULI Europe Annual Conference in Paris.

  • 02-09-15

    Moving to Where the Price Is Right

    Millennials have flocked to city life, changing neighborhoods as they go. What happens when their needs—and tastes—mature?

  • 02-08-15

    January/February Issue of Urban Land Is Available for Download

    For those of you who have already downloaded the Urban Land app for tablets and smartphones, the latest issue is now available. If you have not downloaded the app for Android or Apple devices, feel free to do so now, also at no charge.

  • 02-06-15

    QE, Cheap Oil Should Stave Off Deflation in Europe

    Quantitative easing and low oil prices will counteract the negative effects of deflation and a potential departure of Greece from the euro, said the chief economist of one of Europe’s largest pension funds at ULI Europe’s annual conference in Paris.

  • 02-06-15

    Finding Funding for Much-Needed Infrastructure Improvements

    As part of the proposed budget, President Obama is again saying that now is the time to invest in U.S. infrastructure, calling for $478 billion in additional spending. But the development of alternative financing has recently gained some momentum.

  • 02-02-15

    ULI Houston Announces 2015 Development of Distinction Award Winners

    The Houston district council of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) has announced its 2015 Development of Distinction Awards, including Bethel Church Park, Lee Davis Library at San Jacinto College, and Midway Company’s Braeburn Village.

  • 02-02-15

    Can Melbourne Lower Its Average Temperature by 7 Degrees?

    Six years after a deadly heat wave, Melbourne has adopted climate-change policies which include an initiative to do what might seem impossible: to reduce the central city’s average temperature by 7 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius) by 2030.