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  • 07-01-15

    Quantifying the U.S. Housing Crisis

    The newly founded J. Ronald Terwilliger Foundation for Housing America’s Families launched in June with the release of an investigative housing report, focused on the post–Great Recession housing market in the United States.

  • 07-01-15

    Walkable Downtowns Drawing Companies and Talent

    Suburban office parks, which developed and spread far and wide as businesses left American cities, are now losing ground to those same cities, according to a new report by Smart Growth America.

  • June

  • 06-29-15

    Understanding the Benefits and Costs of World-Class High-Speed Rail

    The chairman of the UK’s High Speed 2 transport project says that one of his “major challenges” in managing the multibillion-pound north–south rail link is to convince the public of its benefits, speaking at ULI Europe’s Real Estate Trends Conference in London.

  • 06-29-15

    Drivers of Change for the Global Real Estate Industry

    Wearable technology, driverless cars, and the sharing economy are challenging the real estate industry to design cities with alternative buildings and services to keep pace with changing lifestyles, a leading design consultant said at the ULI’s Real Estate Trends conference in London.

  • 06-29-15

    Rising Rents—and Repurcussions

    Residential rents are at the crisis level, according to real estate economists who addressed a gathering of the National Association of Real Estate Editors in Miami last week. In addition to crowding out renters’ other budget items, including necessities such as dental care, the ongoing lack of affordability is hindering the market for home purchases.

  • 06-29-15

    REITs Continue to Tap Unsecured Notes Market

    This year, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have raised $17.1 billion of capital through the sale of unsecured notes, bringing the total raised over the past two and a half years to just more than $75 billion. That is more than they raised during the previous five years. The low rates have allowed REITs to issue ten-year bonds with coupons as low as 2.75 percent. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 06-26-15

    Report: Construction Lags as U.S. Homeownership Continues to Slide

    U.S. homeownership rates continue to slide, single-family construction remains near historic lows, and existing-home sales have slowed, according to Harvard’s State of the Nation’s Housing 2015 report.

  • 06-26-15

    ULI Announces Five Finalists for Kemp Housing Awards

    The ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing has announced the finalists of this year’s Jack Kemp Excellence in Affordable and Workforce Housing Award competition, a program that honors developments that ensure housing affordability for people with a range of incomes. The winners will be announced later this year during a general session at the 2015 ULI Fall Meeting in San Francisco.

  • 06-26-15

    ULI Europe Report Makes Case for Investing in Density

    Embracing “good” density should be a priority for cities, according to Density: Drivers, Dividends, and Debates, a new ULI report. Written by Greg Clark, ULI Europe senior fellow, and Emily Moir, director of the Business of Cities Ltd., the report argues that well-managed and well-serviced densification is the best strategy for contending with growing populations in cities.

  • 06-26-15

    Developing Private Accessory Dwellings

    Large homebuilders—and small-scale specialists—are coming up with ways to increase the supply of affordable and versatile accessory dwellings.