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  • 05-07-15

    Falling Oil Prices Temper Houston’s Economic Surge

    In other times, Houston’s economic performance in 2014 would have been considered outstanding. But despite those strong results, no euphoria spills from the lips of Houston economists today. Caution rules in the business community.

  • 05-07-15

    America in 2015: Bridging the Access Gap for Healthier Amenities

    Many Americans face significant community design-related barriers to living a healthy life, according to ULI’s new report America in 2015, with more than half saying they cannot walk to shopping and entertainment in their communities.

  • 05-06-15

    Cities Must Play a Leading Role in the Global Response to Climate Change

    Speaking at the this year’s Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative Annual Forum in Beijing, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said that cities have the ability to address the growing dangers of climate change, which he said is the biggest challenge facing humanity.

  • 05-04-15

    San Diego Wrestles With Densification

    A six-year-old attempt to build a $650 million high-density, mixed-use development in northern San Diego continues to stir debate about the role of new urbanism in a city known for suburban sprawl.

  • 05-04-15

    The Bayou City: Reclaiming Houston’s Signature Waterways

    Across the United States, a number of cities are attempting to restore and rediscover their urban rivers. One of the most ambitious efforts is occurring in Houston, where Buffalo Bayou Park is undergoing a $58 million redevelopment to be completed this year.

  • 05-04-15

    ExxonMobil’s New Campus: Giving Houston a Second Energy Corridor

    Executives are keeping their large, new campus largely under wraps. Nevertheless, it is transforming the area’s real estate.

  • 05-04-15

    Policy Perspective: Regulatory Shift May Help Development Located near Transit

    Federal changes could promote TOD that functions better—and is easier to build.

  • 05-04-15

    REIT Performance Slips in April

    Real estate investment trusts pulled back in April, with a –4.95 percent total return for the month. Interest rates edged up during the month and signs of economic weakness also affected REITs and the broader markets with first-quarter GDP growth slowing to just 0.2 percent. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 05-01-15

    ULI Remembers Pat Goldstein, Citicorp and Emigrant Bank Exec

    Patricia Goldstein, a ULI Foundation Governor and the vice-chairman and head of commercial real estate for Emigrant Bank, passed away on April 29 after sustaining injuries in a cycling accident in Highland Beach, Florida. She was 69.

  • April

  • 04-30-15

    Special Section: Midwest

    In the 1970s, Detroit adopted a new nickname: “Renaissance City.” But for Michigan’s largest city, that designation was premature—at least until now.