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  • 08-10-15

    Video: How San Francisco Is Striving for Zero Waste

    Only one third of the waste in the United States is recycled or composted. Racing to Zero, a highlights some of the amazing solutions in San Francisco, which is successfully taking the necessary steps to reach zero waste by 2020.

  • 08-10-15

    Choice Neighborhoods: Redeveloping Boston’s Quincy Corridor

    A development in Boston is the first of the five initial Choice Neighborhoods projects to be completed when HUD Secretary Julián Castro cut the ribbon on Quincy Heights, a 129-unit scattered-site housing redevelopment in Dorchester’s Quincy Corridor.

  • 08-10-15

    Ten Principles for Responsible Tourism

    Tourism is a critical factor in the U.S. and world economies. “The impacts of tourism on a community can be beneficial if planned and managed, or extremely damaging if left without controls,” says Michael Kelly, former chairman of the APA’s tourism planning division.

  • 08-10-15

    REITs’ Current Dichotomy: Earnings versus Interest Rates

    Real estate investment trusts rallied during July, recovering from a weak first half of 2015. Despite reporting mostly strong second-quarter earnings, concerns about higher interest rates continue to weigh on the sector. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 08-06-15

    Asia’s Vertical Cities: Will They Translate to Other Continents?

    A combination of necessity and desirability has made Asian cities the world leaders in vertical living.

  • 08-05-15

    In Print: Rail and the City: Shrinking Our Carbon Footprint While Reimagining Public Space

    Author Roxanne Warren is an architect, an urban designer, and a staunch transit advocate, writing from her office in New York City, by most measures the most complex transit metropolis in the United States.

  • 08-05-15

    ULI Global Awards for Excellence: Corvin Promenade–Budapest, Hungary

    Corvin Promenade is the ongoing regeneration of a 54-acre (22 ha) area within the center of Budapest, at the core of what was once considered the city’s most troubled and dilapidated district.

  • 08-03-15

    Casino Companies Separate Real Estate and Gambling Operations

    Many gambling stocks are losing value and weighed down by debt, with limited options for new financing. To date, one gaming company has formed a REIT that is growing through acquisitions, and several others are considering similar moves to unlock value and boost their stock prices. Plus, interest rate survey results from Trepp.

  • 08-03-15

    Frankfurt and Offenbach: A Future Model for Regional Cooperation

    Frankfurt and Offenbach make up the center of the Rhine-Main region along the River Main in southwestern Germany. Frankfurt’s global reputation, strong transport links, and burgeoning financial center provide a stark contrast to its quirky, isolated, and less affluent neighbor. But according to a ULI Advisory Services panel, the future of both cities depends on their ability and willingness to work together.

  • 08-03-15

    Industry Outlook for Sustainable Design

    Members of ULI’s Sustainable Development Council discuss ideas for redesigning the urban realm in ways that consume fewer resources and reduce or reverse environmental impacts. New technologies include driverless vehicles, decentralized water systems, landscapes that filter water, and buildings that reduce urban air pollution.