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  • 08-01-16

    Tackling Affordability in Asia

    Affordable housing means many different things across the Asia Pacific region, but in every nation, the driving issue in its provision is the cost of land. That should come as no surprise; the Asian population of 4.3 billion represents 57 percent of the world total, according to United Nations data, but Asia has only 30 percent of the world’s land mass.

  • 08-01-16

    Industry Outlook for Student Housing

    What matters most to college students living off campus? Members of ULI’s Student Housing Council discuss how private developers of student housing can create residences that appeal to students, their parents, and their academic institutions; which amenities are most in demand; which technological features are most important; and other trends.

  • 08-01-16

    Invasion of the Tech Tenants

    Technology tenants’ leasing volume is at a historic high. But you have to negotiate leases differently when a tenant wants a climbing wall, dense occupancy ratios—and a welcoming attitude toward dogs and bicycles.

  • 08-01-16

    July/August Issue of Urban Land Is Available for Download

    The latest issue of the magazine is now available for download in the Urban Land app. The cover package for this issue is titled “Home Sweet: Softening the Edges for Dense, Urban Living.” Other topics include “Housing: Repurposing Office Space,” “Japan: Calling Uber,” and “Technology: A New Kind of Tenant.”

  • 08-01-16

    In Print: The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure

    The word infrastructure, which originated during the 1920s, was unusual enough to still appear in quotation marks in the Wall Street Journal as late as the 1980s. Henry Petroski’s The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure is an exhaustive tour of the tremendous variety of built works encompassed by the term.

  • 08-01-16

    Early Earnings News for REITs Mostly Positive

    Midyear earnings season is getting underway, and news from large real estate investment trusts has been mostly positive, but mixed. REITs have benefited from strong underlying real estate market fundamentals and ongoing low interest rates, although new supply is becoming a concern for some product types in selected markets. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • July

  • 07-27-16

    From Suburban Office Park to a New Downtown in Florida

    A father/daughter development team is transforming an office park into a downtown for the city of Doral in the Miami suburbs.

  • 07-25-16

    Brexit Helps Boost U.S. Office REIT Performance in July

    The June Brexit referendum is lending momentum to the office REIT sector. Brexit will keep U.S. interest rates very low for longer, making REIT yields more attractive and providing inexpensive capital for expansion. Plus, interest rate survey data from Trepp.

  • 07-25-16

    ULI Case Study: Sofia Lofts, San Diego

    A central courtyard—and a mix of unit sizes—create community on a small site.

  • 07-22-16

    Solving Two Problems: Converting Unused Office Space to Residential

    A resurgence of office-to-residential conversions is happening in markets around the world. What conditions are necessary to make it work?