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  • 04-10-14

    It’s a Disaster: The Business Case for Building More Resilient Cities

    In recent years, natural disasters have been striking North America with increasing frequency and intensity. Hurricane Sandy has served as a wake-up call for the building, real estate investment, and insurance industries, as well as for government at all levels and ULI.

  • 04-10-14

    Making the Case for Wellness: 13 Developments Building for Health and Value

    The economic benefits of building healthy places are outlined in a new publication from the Urban Land Institute—Building for Wellness: The Business Case.

  • 04-10-14

    Vancouver’s Mayor on Affordability, Walkability and Sea Rise

    Gregor Robertson spoke at the ULI Spring Meeting, delving into the city’s increasingly car-free lifestyle, dealing with climate change, and creating world-class public spaces.

  • 04-09-14

    Quality of Infrastructure Is Key to Real Estate Development Decisions

    The quality of infrastructure systems—including transportation, utilities, and telecommunications—is the most important factor influencing real estate investment and development decisions in cities around the world, according to a survey of public sector and private sector leaders conducted by the Urban Land Institute and EY.

  • 04-09-14

    Investing in Resiliency: Ranking the Most Resilient Cities

    In a new report by Grosvenor, the top three cities in the world for long-term real estate investment, ranked in terms of resilience, are Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

  • 04-09-14

    Four Writers Named Winners of Apgar Awards

    ULI has announced Rives Taylor, D. Jamie Rusin, Sean Slater, and Ryan Call as joint recipients of the 2014 ULI Apgar Urban Land Award.

  • 04-07-14

    Monday’s Numbers: April 7, 2014

    Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are off to a strong start in 2014, showing returns far in excess of alternative public equity investments. REITs continue to have access to both equity and debt capital in size and at low cost, fueling their ability to selectively acquire property on an accretive basis.

  • 04-07-14

    Hollywood North

    You never know who—or what—­Vancouver’s film, television, and video game industries will bring to town.

  • 04-07-14

    University of Maryland Team Wins ULI Hines Student Urban Design Competition

    A team of graduate students representing the University of Maryland has taken top honors in the 2014 Urban Land Institute (ULI) Student Urban Design Competition with its plan to redevelop Nashville’s Sulphur Dell neighborhood as a healthy community.

  • 04-04-14

    What Is the Larger “Share” in Bikeshare?

    ULI visiting fellow Gabe Klein, who helped launch bicycle share in two cities, offers lessons from the differing experiences in Paris, Chicago, New York City, and Washington.