2014 Editorial Calendar

Urban Land

New recurring features:

–Financial Perspectives: An analysis of a global financial/economic issue from ULI leaders in the field.

–Report from Europe/Report from Asia: In addition to feature articles, Urban Land will present regular reports from new special correspondents in Europe and Asia.

–Global Awards for Excellence: One or more winners of the ULI Global Award for Excellence will be profiled in each issue.



Health Care & the Built Environment

Emerging Trends/Global

Regional Spotlight: Southwest/Southern California

  To Print:  Jan. 15

  Layout: Dec. 9

  Editorial Copy: Nov. 1

  Ad Sales: Dec. 6

  Ad Art: Dec. 16

  Arrival by mail: Feb. 5-12


March/April (Distribution at ULI Spring Meeting in Vancouver April 9-11) 

Housing Issue

Olympic Cities

Plus a special 16-page report on ULI’s Spring Meeting city, Vancouver, B.C.

Regional Spotlight: Pacific Northwest/Canada

  To Print:  Mar. 5

  Layout:  Feb. 11

  Editorial Copy:  Jan. 2

  Ad Sales:  Feb. 7

Ad art: Feb. 14

 Arrival: Mar. -26 -Apr 2


Design Issue

Regional Spotlight: Texas

  To Print: April  30

  Layout: April 7

  Editorial Copy: Mar. 1

  Ad sales: April 4

  Ad Art: April  14

  Arrival: May  21-28



Retirement & Where We Live

Regional Spotlight: Mid-Atlantic

  To Print: June  18

  Layout: May  19

  Editorial Copy: April 25

  Ad Sales: May  16

  Ad Art: May  30

Arrival: July 9-16


September (Revised)

Coastline Development

*Fall Meeting Preview

Regional Spotlight: Northeast (excluding New York City)

  To Print: Aug. 20

 Layout: July 28

  Editorial Copy: July 1

  Ad Sales: July 25

  Ad Art: Aug. 8

Arrival: Sept. 10-17 



October – Fall Meeting Issue

(Distribution at ULI Fall Meeting in NYC Oct. 21-24)

*NYC – Realty trend pioneer

*Brooklyn, Harlem & change

*Resilience/Lessons of Sandy

*Regional Spotlight: NYC          metro

  To Print: Sept. 17

  Layout: Aug. 28

  Editorial Copy: As assigned

  Ad Sales: Aug. 27

  Ad Art: Sept. 8

Arrival: Oct. 8-15



(dates revised)

Golf, farms, & other  centerpieces

Emerging Trends/Americas

Regional Spotlight: Florida/Southeast

  To Print: Nov. 12

  Layout: Oct. 16

  Editorial Copy: Sept. 19

  Ad Sales: Oct. 15

  Ad Art: Oct. 10

Arrival: Nov. 26-Dec. 3