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2017 Urban Land Editorial Calendar


COVER: Security. Who’s responsible? Who pays? What works? Covering retail/restaurant properties, residences, office, & public areas. A global need. How to address the expectations and needs of tenants, customers & investors?

Regional Spotlight: 1.) Europe and the U.K., and 2.) the U.S. Midwest

Editorial copy:   Nov. 15, 2016

Ad Sales: Dec. 2, 2016

Layout: Dec. 5, 2016

Ad Art: Jan. 4

Arrival by mail: Feb. 1-8, with copies sent to ULI Europe Meeting in Paris Feb. 7-8



COVER: Smart Cities. Efforts at the cutting edge around the world. Updates on high-speed bandwidth, the Internet of Things, etc. Including examples from Japan & Korea.

Highlights from the ULI Europe Meeting in Paris

Host City Special Package: Seattle

Regional Spotlight: 1.) Pacific Northwest and Canada

Editorial copy: Jan. 12

Ad Sales: Feb. 15

Layout: Feb. 17

Ad Art: March 13

Arrival by mail: April 12-19, with distribution at ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle May 2-4



COVER: Design Issue. Trends in interior, exterior & landscape design across real estate sectors. Including a look at Creative Places.

Special coverage: Real estate in Asia Pacific region.

Highlights from the ULI Spring Meeting in Seattle.

Regional Spotlight: Southeastern U.S., including Florida

Editorial copy: March 23

Ad Sales: April 19

Layout: April 21

Ad Art: May 8

Arrival by mail: June 5-12, with distribution at ULI Asia Pacific Summit in Singapore June 6-8



COVER: The Affordable Life. (Balancing authenticity, affordability, and profitability.)

Plus: Small cities that excel.

Regional Spotlight: U.S. Northeast

Editorial copy: May 22

Ad Sales: June 21

Layout: June 23

Ad Art: June 30

Arrival by mail: Aug. 9-16



COVER: Getting There. Solutions for untying the traffic knot—and how the ability to get around with ease is driving where people live, work, and invest around the globe.

Host City Special Package: Los Angeles

Regional Spotlight: 1.) California and the U.S. Southwest

Editorial copy: July 20

Ad Sales: Aug. 23

Layout: Aug. 25

Ad Art: Sept. 11

Arrival by mail: Oct. 11-18, with distribution at ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles Oct. 23-26




COVER: Forecasts & Trends, including ULI/PwC’s exclusive reports on Emerging Trends Americas/Asia Pacific/Europe. Capital and economic forecasts & demographics.

Highlights from the ULI Fall Meeting in Los Angeles

Regional Spotlight: U.S. Mid-Atlantic

Editorial copy: Sept. 21

Ad Sales: Oct. 9

Layout: Oct. 11

Ad Art: Oct. 30

Arrival by mail: Nov. 29-Dec. 6


2018 Urban Land Editorial Calendar

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 (all dates tentative)


Regional Spotlight: TBD

Editorial copy: Nov. 9, 2017

Ad sales: Dec. 6, 2017

Layout: Dec. 8, 2017

Ad Art: Jan. 2, 2018


Editorial Contacts:

Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Razzi

Online Editor, Brett Widness


Yasmine Yates,