2015 Editorial Calendar

Urban Land



COVER: Affordability

Special Section: Midwest

To Print: Jan. 21


Editorial copy:Nov. 3

Ad Sales:Dec. 5

Layout: Dec. 8

Ad Art: Dec. 19

Arrival by mail: Feb. 11-18



(ULI Spring Meeting/Houston May 13-14)

COVER: Global Gateways

Special Section: Southwest

To Print: April 1

Editorial copy: Jan. 14

Layout: March 2

Ad Sales: Feb. 27

Ad Art: March 11

Arrival by mail: April 22-29



COVER: Design

Regional Spotlight: Northeast

To Print: May 27

Editorial copy: March 23

Ad Sales: April 17

Layout: April 20

Ad Art: May 15

Arrival by mail: June 17-24



COVER: Reinvention (Cities, Properties)

Regional Spotlight: Mid-Atlantic

To Print: July 22

Editorial copy: May 15

Ad Sales: June 19

Layout: June 22

Ad Art: July 10

Arrival by mail: Aug. 12-19



Fall Meeting Issue San Francisco Oct. 6-8

COVER: San Francisco

Special Section: Pacific Northwest

To Print: Sept. 2

Editorial copy: July 1

Ad Sales: Aug. 7 (with extension to Aug. 28 for full and half-page ads only; no special placement)

Layout: Aug. 10

Ad Art: Aug. 28

Arrival by mail: Sept. 23-30



COVER: Retail

Special Section: Real Estate Education

To Print: Nov. 18

Editorial copy: Sept. 8

Ad Sales: Oct. 22

Layout: Oct. 23

Ad Art: Nov. 9

Arrival by mail: Dec. 9-16


Editorial Contacts:

Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Razzi Elizabeth.Razzi@uli.org


Online Editor, Brett Widness




Thomas Mitchell, Thomas.Mitchell@uli.org

Yasmine Yates, Yasmine.Yates-Kidwell@uli.org