2016 Urban Land Editorial Calendar

Note: The Special Section in each issue is a package of advertising centered on that region. Please contact the sponsorship team if you are interested in participating.


COVER: Density. Approaches from Europe, Asia, & the Americas in a time of rapid urbanization.

Emerging Trends: Economic & development prospects in Europe & Asia

Special Section: Midwest

To Print: Jan. 27

Editorial copy:  Nov. 17

Ad Sales: Dec. 18

Layout: Dec. 21

Ad Art: Jan. 15

Arrival by mail: Feb. 17-24


MARCH/APRIL (ULI Spring Meeting/April 19-20)

COVER: Building on History. Adaptive reuse, historic preservation, tourism & livability.

Host City Closeup: Philadelphia

Special Section: Northeast

To Print: March 16

Editorial copy: Jan. 28

Ad Sales: Feb. 19

Layout: Feb. 24

Ad Art: March 9

Arrival by mail: April 6-13



COVER: Water. Recreation, refreshment, resilience.

Regional Spotlight: Southeast (including Florida)

To Print: May 11

Editorial copy: March 17

Ad Sales: April 8

Layout: April 13

Ad Art: April 29

Arrival by mail: June 1-8



COVER: Housing. Trends in design, demand & delivery.

Regional Spotlight: California (entire state)

To Print: June 29

Editorial copy: May 5

Ad Sales: May 27

Layout: June 7

Ad Art: June 17

Arrival by mail: July 20-27



Fall Meeting Issue (Fall Meeting Oct. 25-27)

COVER: Dallas

Special Section: Southwest (excluding California)

To Print: Sept. 14

Editorial copy: July 14

Ad Sales: Aug. 17

Layout: Aug. 19

Ad Art: Sept. 2

Arrival by mail: Oct. 5-12



COVER: Urban Land’s 40 Under 40

Special Section: Two separate features: (1) Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Market, and (2)Trends in design, engineering & planning firms.

To Print: Nov. 14

Editorial copy: Sept. 15

Ad Sales: Oct. 14

Layout: Oct. 18

Ad Art: Nov. 4

Arrival by mail: Dec. 5-12


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2017 (all dates tentative)

COVER: tbd

Special Section: tbd

To Print: Jan. 25, 2016

Editorial copy: Nov. 15

Ad sales: Dec. 14

Layout: Dec. 16

Ad Art: Jan. 20

Editorial Contacts:

Editor in Chief, Elizabeth Razzi

Online Editor, Brett Widness


Thomas Mitchell, Thomas.Mitchell@uli.org

Yasmine Yates, Yasmine.Yates-Kidwell@uli.org